How to Make Your Commercial Property More Energy Efficient

    Commercial Property

    If you run a business or manage a commercial property, it’s in your best interests to make it more energy efficient. That’s because doing so is not just good for your bank account, but it’s also amazing for the environment. There are more than a few measures you can take to make sure that your building is in the best state as far as energy efficiency goes, and some of them are outlined below.

    Make the Right Upgrades

    The first way in which you can improve energy efficiency in your business building is by making the right upgrades. These involve finding things that need to be replaced and replacing them with more efficient versions. Take the garage door, for instance. If your business building has one or more, keep in mind that you can save up to 25% on your energy bill every month by upgrading to a garage door model that’s more energy-efficient. This is just one example of an energy-efficient upgrade that you could make to your building. Others are getting new windows and replacing old appliances that no longer work as they should.

    Add More Greenery

    An additional measure that you can take to improve energy efficiency is to add more greenery around your business building. Keep in mind that Dr. E. Greg McPherson from the Center for Urban Forest Research stated that if you plant a tree today on the west side of your home, your energy bills in five years should be 3% lower. The savings that you make in 15 years will be almost 12%, so clearly, you stand to make a major difference by planting trees strategically around your business building. Even before the long-term savings come in, greenery can help you keep your business building within a more comfortable temperature range, lowering your air conditioning bills.

    Seal Your Building Well

    Next, inspect your entire building to check for gaps and cracks that may be causing energy leaks. Do this bearing in mind that duct losses can make up for over 30% of energy consumed by space conditioning. This makes it important to not just seal your building, but to also make sure that there aren’t any leaks within the building’s systems themselves. This is a measure that can improve your building’s energy efficiency and also make it safer for your tenants. Check the whole building, from the attic and top floors to the basement. If you encounter any cracks or other issues with the sealing, it’s important to prioritize fixing them. While you can do some remedies yourself, such as caulking leaking windows, it’s important to let a professional do the rest so that it’s well done.

    Practice Preventative Maintenance

    Last but not least, it’s a good idea for you to practice preventative maintenance of your business building. Doing this can go a long way toward ensuring that there are fewer and less costly breakdowns in your building’s systems. That said, find the relevant professionals who can help you make sure that no service is delayed. If you can find professionals who will come up with a maintenance schedule for you, they could make things easier as they’ll ensure that this is on auto-pilot. When you don’t have to stress about remembering to call the service people for your building’s maintenance, it’s bound to be a lot easier for you to keep up with what needs to be done.

    These measures should help you make your commercial building more energy-efficient. When you do so, you’re bound to get better returns out of it. It’s therefore worth taking the time to ensure that your commercial building is in great shape!


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