How to screenshot Snapchat without them knowing?

    screenshot Snapchat

    Snapchat is currently one of the most popular messaging apps known for its extra features. This app keeps your privacy safe with its auto message delete feature. The messages you sent to someone else will not be accessed by him after some time. People love making Snapchat’s snaps and stories and love sharing their photos, their daily routines, or when they go to any restaurant.

    With the rise in Digital crimes or leak of messages, Snapchat”s feature of letting users know when someone takes a screenshot of their chat history is a sign of relief for the Snapchat users. Whenever someone will take your chat’s screenshot you will be notified by Snapchat via a notification. There are various sites that are offering free high-quality tech tutorials and guides for Snapchat. Anyway, but what if you want to capture the chat history without them knowing and bypass the Snapchat notification privacy. This article will include the various ways by which you can easily take screenshots on Snapchat without letting anyone know about it.

    Various Ways to take Screenshot on Snapchat secretly

    Here are a few ways you can try to take screenshots on Snapchat without letting them know. Please follow the below-mentioned methods.

    • Opt for an Inbuilt screen recorder:- The best and easiest go-to method to secretly take screenshots on Snapchat is using an inbuilt screen recorder. In android look for the screen recorder option in your notification panel or go to settings for it. The same is with iPhone users you need to enable this option in the control center. After starting the recorder go to Snapchat and slide through the chats of which you want to take a screenshot. Now a recorded video will be saved on your phone. Look for the part which you want to capture in the video and pause at that instant and take a screenshot.
    • Using an external screen recorder:- If you do not have an inbuilt screen recorder option then you can go for an external app. Download any screen recorder app on your phone and record Snapchat’s screen with it.
    • Try Google Assistant:- As android users are provided an option to take screenshots with the help of google assistant. For that, you have to go to the exact screen which you want to capture and then call out the google assistant by saying “Ok Google” or by long-pressing the home button. Now ask the assistant to take the screenshot or type it. After that, a screenshot will be taken automatically without letting them know. Keep in mind the screenshot taken by google assistant is not saved on your device. Assistant gives you the option to share it, hence you have to first share it to your email and then get it from there.

    For iPhone users, for now, Siri can not take the screenshot but with coming iOS updates, and with the launch of iOS 15 this option will be added to Siri to take the screenshot without command.

    • By trying Airplane Mode:- This option is also the easiest one and you do not have to do much in this case. For this first, you have to open Snapchat with your mobile data on, and once your all snaps are loaded then turn off your Wi-fi, mobile data, and also Bluetooth. Finally, turn on Airplane mode. Now once all your device’s internet connectivity is turned off go to the snap and take the screenshot. At last turn off your Airplane and switch on all your internet connections after a minute. After doing this you will be successfully able to take a screenshot of a snap without knowing them.
    • Using a third-party app:- You can use a third-party app to capture your Snapchat’s screen like others use these third-party apps for saving WhatsApp’s statuses. There are few apps of this kind that can ease the work for you. For your android device, you can try using SnapSaver and for the one who has an iPhone, you can opt for Sneakaboo. Both these apps have a simple interface and are easy to use. For case, if you have Snapsaver then head into the app and choose an option among the few listed in it. These options are Screenshot, Screen Recording, Burst Screenshot, and Integrated. Choose the desired option and open the snap and just directly click on ScreenSaver’s camera icon and it will take the screenshot. 

    For Sneakaboo, you do not even have to open the Snapchat app. Download and install this app and login to Snapchat on computer. The app has an interface that authenticates with your Snapchat profile and all your snaps and stories will be shown up in the app itself. You just have to play the snap and take the screenshot. This will save the screenshot without letting the other user know about what you have done just now.

    • Using another phone:- If nothing is working for you then you can give this option a try. For it, you just need to take a photo of the snap using another phone. You can also record the stories of anyone by recording the video using another phone.
    • Using screen mirroring feature:- With this feature you can save anyone’s chats or stories on your device. For it first you have to share your mobile screen to an external device like a TV with a screen mirroring feature and finally open the snap you want to save. Now just capture the photo of the snap you want to save with another phone and your job is done.
    • By using a windows pc:- You can also take screenshots of chats using your PC. First, you need to install an android emulator on your pc and open Snapchat. Now just take the photos of the chat which you want to save with your phone easily without letting anyone know about it.


    Q.1 How will I know if someone took the screenshot of my snaps or stories?

    Ans:- Snapchat has an inbuilt feature that will send you a notification and will inform you if anyone takes a screenshot of your stories.

    Q.2 Is it legal or illegal to take screenshots on Snapchat?

    Ans:- You can take the screenshot without any worry because it is legal. But keep in mind if you take it in the traditional way the other person will get to know about it. Also, respect other’s privacy and you should have a valid reason for taking the screenshots.


    This article has demonstrated to you the several processes to take screenshots on Snapchat without letting them know about it. We have included a total of eight ways that you can try. After reading the article you will be aware of all the different ways to take the screenshot secretly but make sure you respect others privacy and do not try these ways with bad intentions for harming or degrading anyone’s image publicly.


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