How to track your progress while learning a new language?


    The signs on the road are critical in helping you know that you’re still on your way to your destination. Tracking your progress in language learning is one way of ensuring that you are not just idling on the side of the road while thinking you are well on your way in the language learning journey.

    Experts at are determined to help you know how to track your progress while learning a new language and keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Here are the tips:

    How to track your progress while learning a new language

    Set goals

    You can always appreciate the power of setting goals. They should be specific, measurable, and timely goals for yourself. For example, if you’re starting to learn the language, you could set a goal to learn 10 new words daily. As you progress, you can select more complex ones, such as being able to hold a conversation in the languages.

    Keep a journal 

    Once you have set your goals, keep a journal of the new words and phrases you have learned and your thoughts and feelings. Once you are confident that you know a word and its meaning, write it down. You will see how far you’ve come, and motivate you to keep going. 

    Use the language you are learning when writing down your thoughts. Leave your work uncorrected so you can go back later to see your progress. 

    Take tests

    No one ever likes exams. But to track your progress, regular assessments are necessary, which will give you a good idea of what you need to work on and what you have already mastered. You can take online skills assessments and proficiency tests besides basic tests.

    A language proficiency test is an assessment of an individual’s linguistic skills. These tests are based on exam performance, giving you a more accurate idea of your strengths and weaknesses. You can even present your certificate from Proficiency tests to demonstrate your skills to a potential employer.

    Try reassessing yourself every six months to monitor your growth in the languages.

    Practice regularly

    After taking an assessment test, you will know if you need to up your practice game. Consistent practice is the key to making progress. Keep a record of how much time you spend practicing each day or each week. 

    How do you practice? You could record yourself speaking in the absence of a conversation partner. Imagine a scenario like buying groceries. How would that conversation go? Go through what you say and the other person’s answer, then record the conversation. Doing this at intervals of  4 to 8 months in your language learning journey is best. 

    Compare earlier recordings with the most recent ones, or try rereading something you struggled with. You will be pleasantly surprised at the milestones you have covered.

    Find a language exchange partner.

    Finding someone who speaks the language fluently and practicing speaking with them is beneficial. Holding such a conversation will help track your progress. You will know your ability to have a conversation in the language. The language partner could also be an accountability partner who will ensure you do the assignments or language exercises you agreed to. 

    Use a language-learning app.

    Finally, a language app is beneficial in your language-learning journey. Many language learning apps have progress trackers built in. They keep track of the lessons you have completed and the words you have learned. They also show your test scores and areas you need to improve.


    Remember, tracking your progress is not just about measuring how much you have learned. It’s also about celebrating your successes and staying motivated to continue learning.


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