How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Nintendo Switch

    How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Nintendo Switch
    How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Nintendo Switch

    While the Nintendo Switch does not officially support wireless headphones, a post-launch update adds a quite workable workaround to the problem.

    The 4.0.0 update to the Nintendo Switch adds big features like the ability to capture video for select games, but; s a small, unannounced feature that may prove to be the most important.

    The support for audio over USB added in the patch allows certain wireless headsets to connect to the Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out how you can connect your Bluetooth headphones with Nintendo Switch.

    How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Nintendo Switch
    How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Nintendo Switch

    Connection made simpler The Nintendo Switch Bluetooth speaker uses wireless facilities to communicate with the Switch’s Bluetooth controllers, and like other gaming consoles, it doesn't allow Bluetooth headphones to connect directly to the system.

    The workaround provided in the 4.0.0 patch allows wireless headsets that use a USB dongle to provide the wireless capability. Because this is not an officially supported feature, it possible a future update removes the ability to listen to audio over Bluetooth, although this is unlikely.

    How to connect to the Nintendo Switch The instructions for connecting a wireless headset to the Nintendo Switch vary based on whether you are using the Switch while docked or using it unplugged from the docking station.

    While it is docked, you need to follow these rather intimidating directions:

    1. Plug the USB dongle into one of the USB ports on the side of the dock.

    2. Plug the USB-to-USB-C connector into the USB-C port on the bottom of the Nintendo Switch.

    3. Plug the USB dongle for your wireless headset into the connector.

    See if it works

    The key requirement is to use a Bluetooth headset that comes with a USB dongle designed to be plugged into a computer or gaming console. Unfortunately, not all wireless headsets that meet this requirement actually work, so you should consult the verified list before buying a headset.


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