IGI Markets Review — Is It Scam or a Good Broker?

    IGI Markets

    IGI Markets Review

    The FX industry is one of the biggest in the world when it comes to many metrics. One of the most incredible ones is the daily trading volume of FX markets which is above $5 trillion. It is a massive domain with thousands of companies offering various financial services. To navigate this sea of offers successfully, you need to work with brands that have a good reputation and many positive reviews from users. IGI Markets is one such company with a long history of success in providing brokerage services.

    IGI Markets trading conditions

    The broker attracts most of its clients by offering favorable terms and conditions. There are several aspects of their service that make it appealing to so many customers from across the globe.

    • Low fees. Spreads are flexible and quite low compared to market standards. Some financial instruments have very low spreads and allow you to make money with one or two well-placed orders.
    • Versatile margin trading accounts. You can choose the size of leverage to ensure that you control risks at every step of the investing process. It is a useful tool for newcomers who may not understand the ramifications of using leveraged positions.
    • Banking is free of charge. The broker does not charge you for depositing or withdrawing funds. However, payment systems may have some hidden fees.

    IGI Markets financial instruments

    When it comes to trading, it is important to have a rich selection of financial instruments to work with. Otherwise, you will be limited in how you can trade and which strategies you can employ. IGI Markets offers you access to many currency pairs, futures, and CFD contracts. You may be interested in using very specific derivatives like futures on valuable commodities or trying to squeeze every bit of value from trading currencies.

    IGI Markets investment products

    The variety of various investment packages offered by IGI Markets is one of the reasons so many people choose this platform over many similar ones. The company has a rich assortment of well-performing tools for conservative investors and day traders.

    • People who want to build passive income and want to regulate risks will find various trust management products very interesting.
    • Day traders and scalpers will focus on trading 24/7 while having access to a wide range of financial instruments with different levels of volatility.

    IGI Markets customer support

    Whenever you work with an online-only business, you need to be sure that any issue that you have can be solved efficiently. The customer support team at IGI Markets has many competent employees ready to assist you as quickly as possible. You can reach out to the team using live chat or e-mail.

    IGI Markets banking

    The broker focuses on delivering a satisfying product to its customers and works on expanding its list of available payment options. The variety is quite astounding.

    Use Visa and MasterCard to instantly top up your balance. It is a very useful thing when you approach a margin call or need to enter the market when you see a promising signal.

    • Bank transfers are primarily used by corporations to deposit and individuals to withdraw funds. Note that you must verify your identity with the broker to start withdrawing funds.
    • Use payment systems that give you bonuses or cashback to receive even more benefits while investing money. The list of available payment systems differs depending on where you live.
    • Cryptocurrencies are accepted in some specific scenarios and the availability of these options also depends on several factors including your country’s laws.

    Many users praise the speed with which the broker processes withdrawals and deposits. Even when depositing with a wire transfer, it takes no more than 3 business days. You can expect withdrawn earnings to appear on your bank balance within 1 — 3 days, but delays for up to 5 business days occasionally occur.


    IGI Markets is a trustworthy broker that has a diverse lineup of financial products. If you want to invest efficiently, take a closer look at this particular company!


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