India China News: Tension Increases Due to Firing in India China Borders

    India China news: Tension increases due to firing in India China borders

    As per latest India China news, the countries blame each other’s military forces for firing shots in Ladakh on Monday. The dispute between the two countries is not stopping anywhere despite protocols to restrain any use of firing on their non-separated borders.

    The military commander of Western China says that the clash happened in Shenpaoshan. It is the area in Pangong Lake’s Southern coast. The site is called Chushul in India. The authority of China said that the troops of India violated territorial holds. According to them, India started firing first at one of the Chinese patrols.

    Chinese army responded to the firing only to have control over the clash as per Zhang Shuili, a spokesperson of China.

    India China News: India declined China’s allegations of firing warning shots

    India declined the allegations of China. Indian authorities said that Chinese troops wanted to bound India’s military posts. China was firing warning shots.

    The distance between both countries’ forward posts is merely 200 meters in the Rezangla mountain pass nearby eastern Ladakh.

    Col. Aman Anand, who is a spokesperson of Indian military troops said that China has been infuriating tension between both countries. Moreover, China’s government is trying to misrepresent the whole incident to the entire world.

    Countries blame each other for violating the standing of protocols regarding territorial disputes

    Tensions are going on in Ladakh, India, for years now due to disputes between both countries.

    There were tensions between India and China before also in May. The dispute has now been a long affair for years in Ladakh between two neighboring countries.

    India made accusations that China’s military troops were trying to evade the border for chamfering the status quo. China though declined all allegations. They said India instead crossed the LAC.

    20 Indian dead, including Colonel in Galway Valley

    The dispute became worse in June. The Indian authorities then said that China’s troops engaged with Indian military forces in Galway Valley. The troops of China attached Indian soldiers with stones pushing them 15,000 feet to the ridge. Moreover, the clash caused 20 deaths of Indians. There was also a Colonel among them too. There were no casualties for China.

    Defense ministers of India China meet at Moscow

    The defense ministers of both countries equipped with nuclear powers came across in Moscow on Friday. Moreover, it is the first face to face meeting after the territorial disputes between both countries were accelerated.


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