Interactive Games to Play with Friends

    Interactive game to play with friends

    When it comes to games, the first thought that comes to mind is downloading games to play with friends. But you don’t necessarily need to download games to play with friends. Some games are text-based, which are fun and played via SMS or any chat app

    You can play many games. Most of these games in nature are easy and straightforward. They can provide fun for friends and family, and they are for free. These games get played regardless of your interests and age. The good thing about these games is that people who do not have smartphones yet can also play. 

    The rise of mobile games in the recent past is becoming an unstoppable force. Many people know of candy crush, Pokémon GO, and angry birds. But these games require one to have a smartphone and also that you need to download it. But fortunately, there are games that you can play without downloading. You can use SMS or any chat app.

    This article helps you discover some of the text-based games out there. Here are some of the best games that you can play over the phone. You can get more content on this topic from buying term papers online.

    1. Story Builder

    With this game, the whole point is creating a story. Telling stories is fun for many people. But to non-writers, it can be fun to create a plot and write up a story. 

    The story builder game’s played by one person starting a story by texting a sentence. The other person follows with another sentence in response to the first person. The back and forth slowly builds up a story through the message thread. 

    You can make it a bit interesting by limiting the sentences to contain several characters or words. 

    1. 20 Questions

    The concept of the 20 questions is simple, but it requires intelligence to win. 

    One person thinks of a person or object while the other person gives them questions over text. Your responses, which are either Yes or No, help the person guessing to narrow down the possible answer on what you are thinking of. 

    To avoid ambiguity, the object should have a limit to a specific genre. Or you can also lower the number of questions.

    1. I Spy

    It is a classic game that’s been played for generations. And playing over text is also fun. 

    The game starts with you, explaining your location to your opponent, which gives them a chance. Look at your surroundings and fix your eyes on something. Once you have fixed your eyes on something, the opponent guesses what it is. Give the opponent the first letter from the object to help.

    You can make changes while playing, giving more clues when the opponent guesses wrong or having a limited number of guesses. 

    1. Song Lyrics

    This game gets played by sharing lyrics between two people. One person shares lyrics from a song, and the other person has to guess which song the lyrics are from. It is more fun when playing with someone who has the same music taste. 

    You can also make the game more fun by even playing using lines from movies or game plots. If a person fails to get the answer, they are to sing to the song chorus’s opponent. 

    1. Abbreviations

    We see abbreviations everywhere. It has even become trendy to abbreviate most things in your life. One person abbreviates a statement to play the game, and the other person should guess what it is—the other person un-abbreviate your sentence to its original meaning. 

    1. Kiss, Marry, Kill

    The basic concept of the game is the same as the usual Kiss marry kill the game. One opponent mentions three names: people you know or celebrities, and texts the question, Kiss, Marry, Kill? The other opponent should choose from the list the person they would either Kiss, Marry, or Kill. 

    To make the game interesting, you can drop some names of people you know will upset the opponent. You can also entirely change the question. 


    They are many texting games that you can choose from the simple ones to even more complicated ones. Go and play with your friends and enjoy.


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