Keeping calm during this pandemic. Easy ways to keep your mind at peace during the lockdown

    keep your mind at peace

    The coronavirus has taken the world on a toll. We are asked to stay in self-quarantine. Most of our routine activities like going to school, college, office, hanging out with friends and more hampered for an indefinite time and nobody knows how long this will continue and it’s become difficult to keep your mind at peace. In this blog, you will be knowing about Keeping calm during this pandemic. Easy ways to keep your mind at peace during the lockdown.

    Not having a routine makes life a bit tough for people, especially for those who are hardworking and likes to stay productive and here even things like vapeactive won’t be able to help you much in reducing the stress. 

    This can surely irritate your mind and also sitting completely idle is not at all good for your mind and body.

    Therefore, here are a few easy things you can do during this lockdown to keep your mind at peace,  active, fresh, and happy.

    1. Make a productive life at home- keep your mind at peace

    Normal life is incomplete without a routine. Be it for the young adult, kids, or the elderly members in our family, having a proper routine helps keep going and evolving. 

    Experts suggest that we should try to have a routine life at home during such a traumatic phase, it would be much better for our mental health. Some people may find preparing a new routine difficult or boring. We have a solution for such people too!

    Creating a new routine doesn’t mean that you have to stay productive all day. It means having your meals at the regular time, sleeping and waking at the regular fixed time, workout as usual while maintaining social distance. 

    Even if your schools, colleges, and offices are closed, do all that work you used to do at your respective workplace, now at home.

    1. Feel the nature (must follow the government’s guidelines)

    It may look hard to experience the fresh air out of your house, but it is not that tricky. In most of the places, people are asked to stay at home, but still, you can roam in the garden of your house or the rooftop. 

    You can surely roam on the campus of your apartment building. There are plenty of options to have some fresh air and feel normal. While roaming the garden of your building campus, make sure that you maintain at least six feet distance from others. 

    When you go out, don’t think that you are going out like this because of a pandemic situation, just stay calm and think as if you are out for a usual walk in the park.

    One of the major reasons why we suggest you to feel the fresh air is that expert reports say that sunbathing is good for reducing the risk of chronic health problems. Also, it is proven to reduce anxiety. And as we all know, the world is tensed right now so anxiety is quite normal.

    1. It’s the time to do what you love

    Most of the times we skip doing something that we love and say that we don’t have enough time. Now, all of us have enough time! So why don’t we use it to do what we love?

    It can be anything from writing a story to creating a nice painting, or just learn to dance. You can put on your artist hat during this lockdown and feel productive. If you love interior design, try and give a new look to your living room with all that is available to you at this moment.

    This is an opportunity for you to do something that you enjoy, develop a skill, and also earn money from that skill after the lockdown is over. Apart from that, the idea of this whole thing is to divert your mind from the tension of the virus. Sometimes, the worry of the virus is more dangerous than the virus itself.

    1. Stay in touch with your loved ones while you stay at home 

    Human beings like social gatherings, we are habitual and meant to be socially active. But during this phase, it is more important to be socially responsible. The current situation demands from us to avoid social gatherings. In a pandemic situation like this one, it is normal that we want to stay connected to our loved ones.

    Even if you are far away from your loved ones, you can still talk to them and ask them how are they doing during this crisis. The Internet has the answer to all your problems! Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time on social media, as there are plenty of fake news updates circulating over social media like Facebook and WhatsApp messenger. 

    Instead of spending your time on social media just use it to talk to the people you love and care for! This is the time when both you and your loved ones need each other for the much required psychological support.

    1. Help those in need during this tough time – keep your mind at peace

    This is one of the best things you can do, not just for others but for yourself as well. Selfless service is the purest form of showing how much you believe in humanity. Experts say that when we do something good selflessly, it makes us feel good, so ultimately it’s good for our mental well-being during the self-quarantine.  

    Living a life of purpose is the best thing one can do, and in times when millions of lives are at stake, doing something for humanity will only shower you with millions of blessings in return.

    If you happen to be in a healthy condition, you can surely help those who are in some trouble. The government also needs the help of individuals like you. Therefore, be a helping hand in this time of huge crisis. 





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