Kevin Hart faces major Injuries in a Car Crash


    The US actor and comedian, Kevin Hart is in the news again. But unfortunately, with a sad update. Kevin Hart recently faced a grave accident in which he injured his back severely and underwent back surgery. 

    The accident took place in Los Angeles. As per reports, there were 3 people were in the car, the actor, driver and another, about whom not much is known. The US actor and comedian has suffered severe back injuries. Although in the initial crucial moments after the accident, he was sound enough to reach back home. It is only after that, he reported of severe pain and was taken under medical observation. 

    Very recently, in July, he had posted an update on his online social account of Instagram, about his latest price possession, his new car. He ironically quoted that it was present to himself on his 40th birthday. He was traveling in his car, The 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, driver by his driver, Jared Black. 


    It was just a little after midnight when the car went out of control and ended up banging into the road embankments on Malibu Hills. It broke through it and tumbled quite a distance before coming to a halt. 

    Two of the three people, Kevin Hart, and Jared Black sustained back injuries. The third person sustained only some minor bruises. 

    With all investigation on, it has been confirmed that the driver was not driving in an inebriated state. 

    The car has been recovered in a dilapidated condition with the roof blown off and some parts totally crushed. It is gruesome to compare the pictures from the actor’s Instagram post of the car to its face post the accident. 

    The condition of the injured passengers is improving and doctors are optimistic that they will recover soon. 


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