Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer Dedicates First Emmy Win to Her Parents : Here’s why?


    Congratulations to Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer for her first Emmys award on the night of Emmys 2019. She won the award of the Best Lead Actress in a Drama for her splendid performance in the Killing’s eve.

    To win the title, she had to win against some extremely established actresses some of them being Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones, Robin Wright for House of Cards, Viola Davis for How To Get Away With Murder, Laura Linney for Ozark, Mandy Moore for This is Us and her co-star Sandra Oh.

    After receiving her award, Jodie Comer revealed that she wishes to dedicate this award to her parents and the reason she added to end was utterly hilarious.

    She seemed shocked when her name was announced for the best lead actress in a drama and her first words when she came on the stage were, “I was not guessing to get up on this stage tonight at all.”

    She also appreciated other actresses and her co-star Sandra Oh specifically. She said, “Ohh my God! I cannot believe the fact I am in a category alongside these women, one of them who is my co-star, Sandra Oh. Safe to say Sandra that this Killing Eve journey has been an absolute whirlwind, and I feel so lucky to have shared this whole experience with yoU

    She was the title of her first nomination itself. She said that she would like to dedicate this to her parents, well, the reason being that she never thought she would win it so she did not invite them over to the event.

    She stated that “My mother and father, who are in Liverpool, whom I didn’t call them since I didn’t think this was going to be my time. One, I’m heartbroken, two, I adore you and I’m going to bring it home. Much thanks to you so soo much.”


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