Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, And Shin Sung Rok Looks stunning in their Upcoming Drama “Vagabond”


    SBS’s exceptional Friday-Saturday show “Wanderer” has advanced stunning new stills of Suzy and Lee Seung Gi!

    “Drifter” is a government agent dramatization that recounts the tale of a man who reveals the dull truth and concealed the debasement behind a secretive plane accident.

    It is additionally an activity acting highlighting the hazardous and real to life undertakings of “drifters” who have lost their families, gatherings, and even names.

    “Wanderer” is a secretive usable course of action that relates to the record of a man who unearths the dull truth and covered deception behind an astonishing plane mishap. It is in like manner an action acting highlighting the unsafe and genuine examinations of “vagabonds” who have surrendered their families, social events, and even names.

    Lee Seung Gi will expect the activity of Cha Dal Gun, a twofold who adores Jackie Chan and dreams of expending the movement film industry, and Suzy will feature in the show as Go Hae Ri, a puzzle administrator working furtively for the Korean Embassy in Morrocco. The two become cleared up in a surprising tornado of events following a plane mishap, and they get together to uncover a covered truth.

    In the midst of creating strain for the fast-approaching performance, new stills of Lee Seung Gi and Suzy on Morocco’s seashore have been revealed. Lee Seung Gi’s face is completely harmed as he sits on a climate beaten red truck with a wrecked window.

    During the shooting, the two performers went on with to study and practice their lines in order to faultlessly get their characters’ emotions. Though six years have gone since they shot “Gu Family Book” together, Lee Seung Gi and Suzy showed their strong science.

    A source from Celltrion Entertainment passed on, “Nearby the awesome Morocco scene, the extension of the two on-screen characters’ astonishing and astounding acting made an incredibly satisfying scene.

    If its all the same to you envision ‘Stray,’ which is of a substitute scale and romanticized by on-screen characters Lee Seung Gi and Suzy.”

    “Stray” will make a big appearance on September 20


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