Look for these Traits while Hiring the Best SEO Agency

    SEO Agency

    Search engine optimization is the talk of the digital marketing world. Every business firm out there is looking to get the most out of their investments, and search engine optimization is a great tool to increase traffic and potential customers to increase sales effectively. 

    A reputable SEO agency can help drive traffic to your website. But among so many SEO agencies out there, how would you lookout for the best one? Are there certain factors to consider while choosing the best SEO agency

    Yes, there are a few! However, before getting into it, let’s understand the basics. Read on!

    How Does SEO Work?

    To get the best content on top of search results, search engines (let us take Google, for example) use bots, which crawl through various websites, collecting information from them and putting them on an index, which is like a giant library for search engines. It utilizes its intelligence to find the best, authentic and original content and puts it on top. 

    Search engine optimization corresponds to this. 

    It focuses on important keywords, algorithms, and high-quality content on your webpage and puts it at the top of search results. If you are selling cotton shirts, a quality SEO agency will ensure that your web page ranks higher when people search for cotton shirts in your locality or your industry of products/services. 

    Now let us point out some important traits to look for when looking for a quality SEO agency. 

    Traits to Consider When Looking for the Best SEO Agency

    Strategizing Plans According to Client’s Needs

    The best SEO agencies are experts in specialization according to the needs of their clients. Increasing ‘organic traffic’ is quite a broad term. Do you wish to increase short-term traffic for seasonal sales? Do you wish to increase organic traffic to build customer trust and loyalty for long-term benefits? 

    A good agency will invest time in understanding clients’ expectations. Any agency being vague about their execution of SEO and not responding to the clients’ personal needs is a big red flag 

    Setting Realistic Goals 

    SEO is no witchcraft. It is, in most cases, a slow process; however, you can be sure of its stability. It is not volatile because the organic traffic built up over a period is prone to stay. Still, it is a slow process. 

    Agencies making perfect surety claims are lying to your face. 

    There is also a possibility of them using illegal means to achieve their goals, such as keyword stuffing and cloaking of such repeated keywords. 

    Ask your agency to brief you with a blueprint of their practices. The best SEO agencies look out for key details regarding the functioning of search engines and constantly modify their practices since google algorithms change frequently. 

    The Best SEO Agency Might Not Come on Top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)

    Most reputed agencies focus on putting their clients on the first page of Google search, hardly getting time to work on their own rankings.  

    So, while their clients will appear on top of search engine result page, the agency might not appear there. Don’t restrict your search only to Google. 

    While you can look for an SEO agency over the internet, it is best to find one through your professional circle or acquaintances. They would provide you with verified information regarding this. 

    A Portfolio of Reputable Clients

    SEO Agency

    A good SEO agency has a list of clients on their webpage with whom they have made considerable progress. Not only that, but detailed case studies with metrics will give you a perfect snapshot of their work in numerals. 

    Finding the right SEO firm has the potential to give a massive boost to your business. Unfortunately, choosing the best agency can be harder than it seems. Most agencies make fake promises and even use black-hat techniques, ultimately hurting your business. 

    Wait. Before you get worried, we’ve narrowed down the search. 

    AdLift is one SEO agency that you can trust. It offers several digital marketing services, such as SEO, content marketing, paid media, influencer marketing, and social media marketing. 

    Plus, AdLift has worked with giants across industries. 

    1. Titan Eye Plus (834% Increase in keywords ranking and 162% increase in SEO non-brand Traffic) 
    2. Shopify (348% increase in # of keywords ranking in TOP 10) 
    3. Max Life Insurance (474% increase in non-brand SEO traffic)

    Good numbers, right? It’s time for you to choose the best SEO agency and get only high-end results, nothing else. 


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