Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs and Symbolism


    One of the most popular trends in tattoo designs is the lotus flower tattoo. Known for both its beauty and symbolism, lotus flower tattoo designs leave a lot of room for both design and personal meaning.

    In this article, we will touch on the history of the lotus flower tattoo before delving into the symbolism. As well, we will discuss the meaning behind the color of the lotus flower tattoo to help make it even more meaningful and personal.

    Brief History of the Lotus Flower

    Dating back to Ancient Egypt, the lotus flower has been popular for centuries. The initial meaning of the lotus flower is that it symbolized the beginning of a new day. The lotus flower fades into the water as the day progresses, only to flourish the next morning again. Hence, lotus flower tattoos often represent new beginnings or a new path in one’s journey in life. 

    The meaning of the lotus flower has changed over time. As well, it varies slightly from one culture to another. For example, in China, the lotus flower represents female beauty as well as marital harmony.  Hindu culture believes that the lotus flower is a symbol of one’s soul awakening to another realm of existence, hence a new beginning. Traditional Buddhists hold the belief that the lotus flower represents spiritual; awakening. In Western culture, the lotus flower is said to represent the search for meaning. 


    Meanings of Lotus Flower Tattoo 

    World Peace and Harmony: 

    In addition to religious meanings, as seen below, ,a lotus flower tattoo can also represent world harmony and peace. As well, it can represent the quest for peace in one’s personal life and journey. 

    Faith and Spirituality: 

    One of the best things about a lotus flower tattoo is that it is used as a universal symbol of faith in many religions. It can be used to symbolize your faith in your chosen religion or another spiritual journey. As well, many use the lotus flower tattoo to represent faith in themselves. 


    As stated earlier, the lotus flower has been seen as a symbol of enlightenment. This can be on your own personal journey in life or in your spiritual journey. 

    Lotus Flower Tattoo Color Meaning

    Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo: The blue lotus flower is said to represent spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Those who are drawn to blue lotus flowers are looking to lead an honorable life in the pursuit of knowledge. In fact, a half-blooming blue lotus flower is said to represent that life is a continuous journey to obtain wisdom. 

    Green Lotus Flower Tattoo: In nature, a green lotus flower is very rare. Symbolically, a green lotus flower tattoo is said to represent a fresh start or “rebirth.” This is a good choice of a tattoo for those who are about to embark on a new adventure in life. 

    Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo: In the Buddhist religion, the purple lotus flower is a symbol of spiritualism and eternity.

    Orange Lotus Flower Tattoo: The orange lotus flower is said to symbolize deep faith and beauty. As well to the green lotus flower, orange lotus flowers are extremely rare. 


    Red Lotus Flower Tattoo: Often depicted in full bloom, red lotus flowers are said to represent love, passion, and romance. 

    White Lotus Flower Tattoo: White often represents purity, and this can’t be more on point for the white lotus flower. White lotus flowers are said to symbolize spiritual, intellectual, and personal purity, as well as calm and serenity. 

    Yellow Lotus Flower Tattoo: As a symbol of mediation, the yellow lotus flower symbolizes self-enlightenment.

    Black Lotus Flower Tattoo: While some feel that black lotus flowers represent gloom and doom, many believe that they are a sign of strength, rebellion, and strength. 

    Now that you know more about the history and symbolism of the lotus flower tattoo, check out some of the trendiest designs for lotus flower tattoos. Be sure to choose a lotus flower tattoo that is meaningful to you. This not only goes for the color, but the design. Your lotus flower tattoo will always be a part of your so take the time to fully understand the significance of its design. 


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