Meek Mill Revealed Disturbing Fact About His Feud With Drake- Details inside


    Meek Mill has been clear about his battle with bullets for the past several years. In a recent interview, he revealed a disturbing fact that relates to bullets and his old quarrel with his friend Drake.

    Mill and Drake began a controversy in 2015 after accusing Canadian rappers of using ghostwriters, including their previous collaboration, “R.I.C.O.”

    They sent several posts on social media criticizing Drake. In return, Drake released the “Track Charge” up disc track. Meek Mill also released the Drake Disc track.

    This was Drake’s second dis track, “Back to Back”, which had the most impact. It peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was even nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Performance. After the success of “Back to Back”, the quarrel subsided. Mill and Drake’s feud officially ended in September 2018 when Drake brought Mill out for performance while on tour.

    Meek Mill Revealed Disturbing Fact About His Feud With Drake- Details inside
    Meek Mill Revealed Disturbing Fact About His Feud With Drake- Details inside

    She posted a photo with the caption, “It gave me peace tonight. Healing and moving forward created one of the most electric and gratifying moments of my career. @MikeMill I’m glad you’re home and we can find our way to our joint purpose.

    “The pair took things a step further when the lead single from Mill’s fourth studio album., Championship. The single has been certified double-platinum and peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Soon after reuniting on stage, Mill spoke with Drake about revising things in a vulture interview. He revealed that even before that moment, they were talking and working. “I and Drake were really communicating for the last year,” he said.

    “Even before going to jail. It was based on the right time. We have nothing but rape beef, we have not harmed each other. I think it took both of us through some ups and downs in our careers. It made me stronger. I am moving away from love right now, so I thought it appropriate to link up with someone I had actually traded with before and called my friend first. ”

    Two years after the quarrel, Mill was sent to prison for violating parole. Since that time, his case has been seen as an indictment of the failures of justice and the American judicial system. An Amazon documentary, Free Mac, chronicles the matter and what went wrong.

    Since coming out of prison, Mill has been reflecting on his former years as well as his pill habit, which he said intensified his actions. On his quarrel with Drake, Mill recently said, “If you ask me why I came on Drake, I don’t even know *** really really really know.

    Everyone’s Nikki [ Minaj] saying … that wasn’t the case. They always had their relationship in front of me … I could never tell her a reason why I’m mad at her … I really don’t know that when I look back. “


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