Mercury Is Going Retrograde On Halloween- What? is it True or a Rumour

    Mercury Is Going Retrograde On Halloween- What? is it True or a Rumour
    Mercury Is Going Retrograde On Halloween- What? is it True or a Rumour

    In case you haven’t already heard the news or felt that ominous, lingering sense of dread in the air, Halloween isn’t just any old day this year: Mercury retrograde fall 2019 also begins on Halloween.

    As Mercury’s final backspin of the year kicks off on Oct. 31, it’ll plunge us into a particularly intense retrograde period in the water sign Scorpio, which will make for an emotional ride. But don’t worry sister – or brother, we don’t judge – we’re in this together.

    Forgive but not forget

    Mercury retrograde will be in extra emotional and intuitive Scorpio, explains astrologer Lisa Stardust, who spoke with Bustle about this transit.

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    We will want to forgive others, but not be able to forget — which may cause issues in moving forward with others.

    We’ve warned you

    So, how will Mercury retrograde affect your Halloween plans? First of all, don’t expect everything to go as scheduled.

    If you’ve got a fully-booked Halloween weekend of partying planned, it’ll behoove you to loosen yourself up and submit to the energies at play, because Mercury may have alternate plans for you.

    The more you know 

    As the ruler of timing and scheduling, Mercury is the planet that governs over the organization of our calendars — but when it’s retrograde, this same energy becomes confused, chaotic, and unable to be tamed, meaning that it’s easy for plans to get miscommunicated, rescheduled at the last minute, or missed altogether due to transportation or technological issues.

    Depends on you

    That all said, the energy of Halloween’s Mercury retrograde is going to affect each sun sign differently.

    But as for as singularity goes, with the retrograde taking place in your sun sign, you can bet Halloween will be kicking off some emotional intensity for you — and it might manifest in feeling some distance from your friend group. Be sure not to disconnect, and work to communicate your feelings.


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