Myths and Facts About Smoking Cannabis


    Cannabis is a commonly used drug and its use of it has spiked since 1960. People use it for different reasons, such as medical use to manage pain and recreational use to get high and relax or both.

    However, there are many myths about cannabis that may deflect the individuals who smoke cannabis. We’ll bust the myths about smoking cannabis or THC vapes and its health effects. So, let’s dive in.

    Cannabis is known by different other names as well; grass, weed, pot, dope, green, blunt, reefer, hashish (hash), hash oil, Mary Jane/MJ, shatter, or dabs. The different forms of cannabis are obtained from dried flower buds and the leaves of the plant, Cannabis Sativa. The extracts have a tint from greyish green to greenish brown and can have stems and seeds.

    In cannabis, there are active cannabinoids that are: THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is a chemical compound that affects your mind and you get high due to this compound.

    Cannabidiol has minor psychoactive effects and neutralizes some adverse effects of THC. Cannabis is recreated in different forms like waxes and oil. These processed products’ consumption is done through smoking, vaping, or ingesting to get the desired effects.

    Ways to Consume Cannabis

    People love to consume in different ways that mark its effects differently. Here are different methods:

    • Inhaling or Smoking

    When you smoke or inhale cannabis, the sensation of feeling high begins within minutes and reaches its extreme after 10-30 minutes of consumption. Its effect draws off probably after 2 hours.

    • Ingesting

    When you consume cannabis directly through the mouth, the compounds in cannabis start to show their effects within 1 hour. The effects increase after 2.5-3.5 hours of consumption. The type of cannabis edibles you pick cause different effects. Hard cannabis candies fasten the process.

    • Topical Use

    Topical usage of cannabis seems easy as there are transdermal patches available. The ingredients from the patches transfer in your body steadily and the infusion helps the individual to treat pain and inflammation.

    Health Benefits of Cannabis

    While cannabis usage is still tabkmoo in some regions, it has many therapeutic benefits as well. The right dosage of cannabis offers the following benefits:

    • Reduces blood pressure
    • Prevents inflammation
    • Effective in anxiety disorders and seizures

    Myths About Smoking Cannabis

    Despite knowing the perks of cannabis consumption, you might believe the myths about it. Let’s debunk the myths:

    • Cannabis is Safe for Everyone

    This is not completely true. If you have medical issues, then you must consult the professionals before cannabis consumption. Inadequate use of cannabis can mark adverse effects as well.

    Smoking cannabis in the right way can be useful for therapeutic treatment.

    • Holding On to Cannabis Smoke in Lungs Gives Better Effect

    This is a complete myth. Cannabis on the lungs may not certainly give you better effects as it is not supported by scientific evidence.

    However, holding it long for cannabis may damage your lungs. If you love to smoke cannabis, for better effect, it is better to exhale it out and enjoy it.

    • Cannabis is Purely Harmless

    This is not truly a myth but the fact is if you consume a heavy dose of cannabis, it can be harmful to you. Balancing your cannabis consumption doesn’t cause bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses.

    • You can Consume Cannabis During Pregnancy

    Cannabis consumption directly affects your health and smoking it during pregnancy can impact the brain of your child. You can avoid smoking cannabis during typical health conditions to avoid behavior changes in the developing child.

    Likewise, if you avoid the use of cigarettes and alcohol, cannabis consumption must equally be treated. Even if you are in a lactation period or preconception, don’t consume cannabis.


    If a female smokes cannabis during pregnancy the studies say that it can lead to a low weight of the baby, premature birth, and other problems. When the breastfeeding mother consumes cannabis in heavy doses, the active ingredient THC in cannabis is infused into the breast milk and can harm the baby.

    • Over Dosage of Cannabis is Safe

    This is a myth. Overdosage of anything is good for nothing. Cannabis smoking impacts your judgment capabilities and reaction time. Overdosing to cannabis smoking leaves negative effects on your body. Studies reveal a direct connection between THC concentration and driving potential. Excessive dosage can increase the risk of accidents.

    In most cases of car accidents due to higher levels of cannabis consumption, THC ingredients were found 3-7 times more than those who had no cannabis consumption.

    Summing Up

    Along with recreational usage, cannabis consumption is great to impart therapeutic benefits as well. THC vapes are in trend these days and give you a good sensation with the right dosage. We have debunked the myths about cannabis consumption.

    If you want to enjoy cannabis smoking, Grassdoor is an ideal platform for vapes delivery and various cannabis edibles. You can savor them at any time at your convenience.



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