Nelk Boys Net Worth: How Wealthy Are the YouTubers Now?

Nelk Boys Net Worth

If you like watching prank videos on YouTube, you must be familiar with NELK boys. These boys are famous worldwide for their hilarious vlogs and prank videos shared by them on their YouTube channel. So, it is natural to feel intrigued to know how much is NELK boys net worth.

Nelk boys bio

Here is a quick overview of what you need to know about the Nelk boys:

Professional Name Nelk Boys
Birth Name



Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Salim, SteveWillDolt


Online entertainment

Origin Mississauga in Ontario
Years active 2010- present
Genre(s) Pranks and lifestyle
Net Worth $4 million

But how did Nelk boys net worth become $4 million? Before discussing that, let’s find out more about the group and what it represents.

Who are the Nelk boys?

NELK, popularly known as Nelk Boys, is an entertainment company that has a YouTube channel by the same name. The headquarters of NELK are present in California’s Newport Beach.

On this channel, you will find all kinds of prank videos to cheer yourself up at the end of an exhausting day. But who are Nelk boys and what’s the reason behind their immense popularity? These are the people you usually see in their videos:

Kyle Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard is the founder of Nelk Boys and he is the main face of the company. He is a prominent YouTube star in Canada and has grown up in Ontario. A rich man now, he lived a suburban lifestyle as a kid.

From an early age, entertainment and artistry have been his forte. These are the traits that motivated him to lay the foundation of entertaining and engaging content that millions of people find interesting. But to achieve success, he had to take the bold step of dropping out of Ryerson University to focus solely on his YouTube channel.

Jesse Sebastiani

Jesse Sebastiani was a co-founder of NELK, but he isn’t a part of the company anymore. However, there was a time when Nelk and Jesse were inseparable.

For years, they have worked together to make people laugh. However, after a few years, he became busy working on their apparel brand Full Send. So, he still makes appearances but not as consistently as he used to.


One of the newest persons in the NELK team is Salim the Dream. However, within a short period, he secured his place in the group. With his innate sense of humor, he has emerged as a chief prankster in their group.


Steve Deleonardis is a known face of the brand NELK now. Fans love him for his insane stories, wild nature, and the fact that he’s a party animal.

Other acquaintances and members include Cousin Jay, Jimmy Gambles, Bradley Martyn, and Bob Menery.

Two other former members are Jason Pagaduan and Lucas Gasparini. While Jason performed the role of the lead videographer, Lucas was a content creator.

Founder of Nelk boys net worth

The Nelk boys are among the biggest names in the world of digital entertainment. As they are immensely popular, it is not hard to guess that they are rich. But before knowing the other Nelk boys net worth, have a look at the income stats of its founder.

Kyle John Forgeard is the Canadian brain behind the YouTube channel, NELK. As a successful YouTuber, his net worth is $25 million at present. But is this the only source of his wealth? As per resources, he also earns from ads and diverse business pursuits like Full Send Entertainment.

Here’s the net worth of Kyle Forgeard at a glance:

Net Worth $25 million
Date of Birth 12.07.1994
Place of Birth Mississauga in Canada’s Ontario
Nationality Canadian
Profession Entrepreneur and YouTuber
Asset Classes Real estate, startups, and NFTs
Income Sources YouTube, Brand endorsements, Happy Dad hard seltzer, Full Send


Nelk boys net worth individually

It is no secret that all the NELK boys live comfortably as the combined net worth of the group is $4 million.

Here’s what the individual net worth of the other members looks like:

  • Steve WillDolt’s net worth in 2023 is $2.55 million
  • Jesse Sebastiani’s net worth is $1.5 million approx
  • SalimTheDream has a net worth of nearly $800,000

How it all began

Kyle Forgeard came up with a YouTube channel in 2010 and named it NelkFilmz. There were other founding members like Marko, Nico, Lucas Gasparini, and Martinovic.

In 2014, Kyle interacted with Jesse Sebastiani at a conference hosted by MTV Canada and after a few months, Jesse became a regular member of the group.

In 2015’s January, Nelk uploaded a video named Coke Prank on Cops. They fooled the police officers in the city of Los Angeles by saying there was coke in their car.

Coke is slang for cocaine, but in reality, all they had was Coca-Cola. The video became viral and it has at least 49 million views. So, the Los Angeles Police Department warned the group by releasing a joint statement that what they did was wrong.

In June 2017, Gaspirini left NELK as he wanted to explore other career opportunities. During September 2017, Sebastiani officially became a part of the company as an employee and full-time member.

In January 2019, he got arrested as he was attempting to prank the people inside a Barnes & Noble store. There was fake blood on his jumpsuit and he was looking for books to cover up a heinous crime scene. The Ohio Police found him guilty and arrested him based on disorderly conduct.

Stephan Deleonardis became a NELK member in May 2019 after Forgeard came across his smoking and drinking challenge videos. In 2020, the entire group was arrested as they ended up disturbing the peace in a Mississippi-based Target store.

In September 2020, the Police Department of Illinois conducted an investigation into the company for hosting a flash mom at Illinois State University. The mob consisted of at least 200 people and this was in violation of the strict COVID-19 regulations.

NELK brand and content

Other than pranks, Nelk’s videos revolve around the college culture prevalent in North America. The videos posted by the group combine exciting vlogs of their lifestyle including everything from their nightlife to new projects. They also share footage of how they prank random people.

NELK has popularized and trademarked the commonly used slang ‘Full Send’. It means irrespective of the activity you perform, give your best in it. They also deserve credit for making several other slang terms popular.

‘Rona Season’ is one such phrase that indicates their obsession with the consumption of Corona beer. Sebastiani prefers to use the term ‘Canadian-influenced slang’ to describe their trademark words.

Happy Dad

In 2021, NELK introduced its brand selling hard seltzer. Known as Happy Dad, this drink was available for purchase for the first time on June 14, 2021.

At that time, people residing in select US cities could purchase this hard seltzer. Over time, they have expanded to many other locations. Minhas Breweries & Distillery in WI’s Monroe produces and packages Happy Dad Seltzer.

Full Send

Additionally, NELK operates a clothing brand that has limited stock. The clothing items sold by this brand are available just once. So, if you see something and you like it, order instantly as soon it’ll become out of stock.

When the entire drop gets sold out, you cannot purchase any Full Send clothing until their next drop. Every year, Nelk Boys earn at least $100 million by selling apparel.

Full Send Podcast

The group has also commenced hosting a podcast, namely, the Full Send Podcast. In almost every episode, they invite a guest to impress their audience. Two of the most notable guests that have been on this podcast are Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

Of all their podcasts released till today, the episode featuring Elon Musk got the highest number of views. Andrew Tate, Ben Shapiro, Mike Tyson, Tucker Carlson, and OJ Simpson also made guest appearances. Nelk Boys have created the podcast in collaboration with Shots Podcast Network.

NELK boys on YouTube

The Nelk boys rose to fame when their YouTube videos started getting millions of views. Now they have 7.56 million subscribers on YouTube and the total number of views is 1.26 billion.

Their videos are all about pranking strangers in novel ways. They also upload videos that give their audience a glimpse of their crazy lifestyle.

Nelk boys on Instagram

NELK boys enjoy being in the limelight and therefore, they have established their presence on various social networking sites.

On Instagram, they identify themselves as comedians and the name of their Insta profile is @nelkboys. As of November 2023, they have 4.4 million followers on this platform.

Nelk boys have shared 500+ posts on Insta which shows that they post content regularly. Like YouTube, their Instagram videos are watched by millions of fans. So, you too can follow them if you wish to watch comedy and laugh out loud.

How did Nelk boys become rich?

Now that you know Nelk boys net worth, it is natural to feel intrigued to know the reasons behind their prosperity.

NELK was launched by Kyle Forgeard with other co-founders in 2010. It was after 5 years of struggle that their breakthrough moment arrived.

In 2015, a Coke prank pulled on some police officials went viral and it propelled Nelk boys into stardom.

After that, their YouTube channel started generating steady income. However, they have openly stated that they make no money from YouTube now.

Although their YouTube channel has been demonetized, it still has more than 7 million subscribers. The audience often tunes in for challenges, pranks, and other types of comedic content.

Awards and recognition

Nelk Boys got the YouTube Streamy Awards, commonly called the Streamy’s. It is an annual award that recognizes and honors exceptional online videos.

Nelk Boys took home this award for their excellent videos in terms of acting, directing, writing, and producing.

In 2021, they won the Streamy Awards and were nominated under the category ‘Creator Product’ for their work Happy Dad Hard Seltzer.

Recent controversies

2020 was not a great year for NELK as YouTube declared that they can no longer earn money from the YouTube account.

The Creator Responsibility Policy of the platform stated that they have behaved irresponsibly by violating COVID-19 restrictions. The mayor of Illinois opined that he would take legal action against the company.

A week after that, the police learned about a gathering of 1.500 people taking place in a property rented by NELK, thus disrespecting COVID-19 restrictions once again.

In March 2021, there was a search warrant against Kyle in Texas. CBS also reported that the group was accountable for physical assaults during a group meeting on March 15 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s everything one needs to know about Nelk boys. It goes beyond saying that the team keeps expanding far beyond the activities mentioned. They surely know how to reap the rewards of their varied ventures.

Hence, Nelk boys net worth is a testament to the fact that despite all scandals, they are unstoppable. And with the brand Full Send continuing to thrive, who knows where the boys will end up next?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the Nelk Boys?

Nelk boys have been around for more than a decade and their team has undergone modifications over the years. The four prominent Nelk boys are Kyle Forgerd, SteveWillDolt, Jesse Sebastiani, and SalimTheDream. Kyle is the mastermind behind the channel and Jesse Sebastiani is not a Nelk boy anymore.

2. How much is the net worth of Kyle Forgeard?

Kyle Forgeard is a versatile character with an unconventional approach to content creation. His income stems from different sources like advertising, merchandise, and membership subscriptions. So, Kyle nelk boys net worth 2023 is $25 million.

3. How do Nelk boys earn money?

Earlier, Nelk boys relied on their YouTube channel with 7+ million subscribers to earn money. But after YouTube moderators demonetized their account, they had to invent other ways of building wealth. The three main income streams are Full Send, Happy Dad, and sponsorship.


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