Netflix’s La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist’ Season 4 Exclusive Details


    After the spectacular success of season 3, reports claim that season 4 is on its way to our screens. We are talking about none other than the Spanish Crime Thriller, Money Heist which is originally called as ‘La Casa De Papel’. Sources have claimed that the members have already begun shooting for the crime thriller. Now, we have to wait for Netflix to come out and announce the same. Although it has not yet given any statements regarding the same.

    Money heist was originally a Spanish television series from the crime thriller genre. After the first run of the show, Netflix acquired its streaming rights and dubbed it in English for the global audience.

    The first and second season were streamed on 20 December 2017 and 6 April 2018, respectively. Further, Netflix proposed season three which was successfully released on 19 July 2019.

    La Casa De Papel was well appreciated by the audience. After the success of three seasons globally, makers are already looking forward to the fourth season. Rumor has it that the filming process has already begun. Originally created by Alex Pina, the first two seasons revolve around a group of robbers taking hostages to escape with  € 2.4 billion involving an assault on the Royal Pint of Spain. The third part revolves around the assault on the Bank of Spain. It involved the reunion of the gang to save Rio. It left the fans anticipating the future with an intense cliffhanger. The gang ended up stuck at the bank where the series ended.

    Not many details have been released by the team of Money Heist. When asked the writers about the plot of season four, all they said was that the new season would be far more exciting than the previous ones. With no details about the fourth season, the viewers are left in anticipation. Looks like we’ll have to wait further for details of the unofficially announced season.



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