Onward 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, controversy, and censorship

onward 2
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Recently released Onward by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios has made over 10 Billion USD on Box office. On the one hand, the movie received a high-end audience in the United States. On the other hand, it had declared banned in several Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Although the movie received some unpleasant critical response as well, the makers are still hopeful for the making of Onward 2. 

To begin with, 2020 has come out as a great year for the fans of animation-based movies with a bit of adultery into it. Onward film fulfilled this fantasy of fans by introducing a lesbian cop in the movie. In the United States, the movie received positive reviews. Hence, the fan-following is eager to know, whether or not, will there be an Onward 2? 

Onward season 1
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Let’s take a glimpse of some potential details and hints dropped by the team of Onward for its forthcoming sequel.

What is the Onward 2 release date?

For the most part, Onward part one went through swift downcoming in theatres because of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. Originally released on February 21, 2020 on Berlinale annual fest and further released on 6 March 2020 in theatres of the US, Onward 2 did not get a chance to make its best gross. The reason being theatres closed down not long after the release. 

But, yet the movie made enough. Hence, it is a possibility that the makers of the movie will start the production of Onward 2 as soon as the pandemic relaxes. Therefore, there are chances that the Onward sequel will not make a comeback to the silver screen by 2022. 

What is the Onward movie plot?

Shortly, the adventure-based animation movie Onward follows the story of two elf brothers on their adventure. To begin with, the storyline of elf brothers includes a world filled with magical objects and mystical creatures in the world. 

According to the history of the brothers, their father died before the birth of the younger brother. He was according to the family’s knowledge, ill. Furthermore, their mother who takes care of both brothers is now in a relationship with Colt Bronco. Thus, in the story, Colt Bronco is a police officer. The brothers are not a very big fan of the officer. 

Onward season 2
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To summarize, after the brothers find out that they can bring their deceased father back to life. Hence, they went on their adventurous journey to find a way to stand upon their mission successfully. 

Who are all in the cast of Onward 2?

For the most part, Onward is an animation movie. Thus, it holds an outstanding voice cast. This is as follows:

Voice Cast Movie Character Character description
Tom Holland  Ian lightfoot Younger Elf Brother
Chris Pratt Barley Lightfoot First Elf Brother
Julia Scarlett Laurel Lightfoot Elf Brothers’ mother, and also, widow of Wilden
Octavia Spencer Corey Owner of a Restaurant/ also, Ian and Barley’s quest resolver
Mel Rodriguez Colt Bronco Lauren’s boyfriend and also a police officer
Kylie Bornheimer Wilden Lightfoot Father of Ian and Barley who is dead
Lena Waithe Specter Cyclops police officer
All Wong Goure A faun police officer
Grey Griffin Dewdrop Who also leads Pixie dusters biker gang
Tracy Ullman Grecklin A pawn shop owner and is a goblin 
George Psarras Avel Elf police offer
John Dezso Ratzenberger Fenwick Construction worker
Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama Gaxton Wilden’s old friend from college


The Controversy…

Every film that receives controversy gets the attention of the audience at large. But, the Onward’s lawsuit controversy was more degrading. The reason being, a tattoo artist filed a lawsuit against the production company of Onward for using her unicorn design. 

Indeed, according to the artist, the design was originally rented for one-day use at the festival. However, the production companies go beyond their copyright policy and used the design in the movie. To begin with, it was one of the reasons why after the production of the movie started in 2018, it went for release in 2020, a 2-years gap!

onward 3
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Apart from this, the movie was also encountered a critical response from the Russian censorship board. It is because the movie includes a glimpse/impression of the LGBT community. Moreover, according to Russian law, the involvement of sexual content (of theory or visual) is banned for movies for minors. 

Therefore, it is a great possibility that Onward 2 will seek to cut down on the adult content in the movie in order to make it legal in all countries. Thus, For more updates, stay tuned with us!


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