Opening a Merchant Account: Things You Should Know

    a Merchant Account

    The future has already arrived and now the level of convenience of our life directly depends on the speed of development of the financial sector in the digital sphere. For many, eWallet, online money transfers, online purchases or online payments for utilities have become commonplace. It was finance specialists who were the first to pay attention to the development of their business using the Internet, and to this day they continue to actively introduce a variety of innovations. With the advent of such services, it has become much easier to understand all the complexities of financial services, and now you can open a Merchant Account in just two clicks. In this article, you will know about Opening a Merchant Account: Things You Should Know.

    Genome Service Instead of The Old-Fashioned Bank

    Genome is a Merchant Account or in other words just a personal eWallet that allows you to control expenses, pay bills online or make transfers to any part of the world. The Genome account can also be issued as a card for business, the ability of which is to control and process payments of your company.

    An easy registration process and online account creation will help you master financial skills along with multi-currency Merchant Accounts and instant money transfers. Immediately after you receive an IBAN through the Genome platform, you will have access to all payment functions of the service: Merchant Account management, deposits and withdrawals, low exchange rates, investing, online shopping, access to transaction history and other tools.

    What is The Advantage?

    So, the main things that you need to know before you discover all the benefits of the financial Genome account.

    1)    Your Merchant Account will be verified very quickly! For B2B service, activation will take about 72 hours, for B2C – 48 hours. The speed of creating an online account depends on how quickly you fill out an application and send all the necessary documents.

    2)    It is better to open the first Merchant Account in one of the popular world currencies – USD or EUR. The US dollar is the most popular currency to trade and most of the tutorials for beginners are geared towards working with this currency. Euro is the base currency for Europe, residents of which can use all services without additional conversion, having money in their account in this currency.

    3)    The main advantages for the VISA business wallet on the Genome platform is the ability to add up to 5 IBANs to 1 online account, as well as increase the number of people (up to 20) to manage the Merchant Account.


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