Paolo Meucci joins The Ariix Million Dollar Club in just 16 months

    Paolo Meucci

    It took 16 months for Paolo Meucci to become a mamber of the Million Dollar Club along side his new giant project Ariix, reserved for people who generate commissions of 1 million dollars with the society.

    Paolo Meucci is the first Italian and thus the second European professional to realize the business.

    “I didn’t achieve this result alone, it had been achieved together. All this has been possible due to the team of 20 leaders, that was inbuilt these 28 years of network marketing profession. But I wouldn’t be here to talk if during this era we hadn’t created together a winning mindset and beliefs that give us strength and keenness each day , as if it had been the first .”

    These are the words of Paolo Meucci at the award ceremony that happened in April 2021, just over a year after his entry into Ariix. 

    “I want to conclude by saying that if I did it, starting from zero and arriving here in 16 months, anyone can do the same . each day it’s up to us, whether to hunt out excuses or whether to do actions that bring us closer to the goal. Doing massive actions costs energy and mental strength, but not doing anything features a way higher cost. When life presents us with the bill, it’s often too late”, – Paolo concludes.

    In his speech, the Italian leader claims to be “started from zero” as his career began in 1993 and he continued to collaborate with the same partner for 26 years, until 2019, before embracing Ariix project.

    From 1993 to 2019 Paolo got the award “European Number 1” for 4 consecutive years, mainly due to his intuition to carry out the profession of online networker, achieving results impossible to reach by people who perform the profession with the traditional methods.

    In this period Paolo Meucci found Unstoppable Generation, the foremost important community during this sector in Italy that has allowed to bring results to thousands of people due to the techniques taught by its founders.

    Unstoppable Generation could also be a movement that also unites tens of thousands of execs in Italy who want to seek out out Paolo’s secrets.

    After creating a 7-figure business, the transition to Ariix started from zero. But the experience allowed Paolo to urge over $ 1 million in commissions in just 16 months now , instead of 26 years.

    “For 4 years during a row, I even have been the european number one with the old company with which I collaborated. due to the digital revolution, we’ve brought this movement to Italy and throughout Europe. But life sometimes tests its bravest soldiers, asking them to make strong choices. So I chose to reset everything and start from zero, choosing Ariix project. the choice paid off”.

    Ariix 2022 looks rosy: it’s recently completed an important merger and is that the sole company within the world that features a bill of rights of the profession, also as an enviable range of products dedicated to well-being.

    The company can also boast an inside technical-scientific committee composed of internationally renowned experts, located especially in America, who specialize in new studies to maximise the well-being of people , development of latest products under the Ariix brand, and improvement of those already existing on the market.

    Paolo Meucci could also be a candidate for European frontman for the company , which has many news future for the New Year . The prerequisites thus far are excellent.


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