Pokémon Masters gets winter roadmap : Here’s the Details

    Pokémon Masters gets winter roadmap : Here's the Details
    Pokémon Masters gets winter roadmap : Here's the Details

    Home Gaming Pokémon Masters gets a winter roadmap after the developers apologize After addressing negative feedback on the game in September, the Pokémon Masters producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi have released a new update that details some of the changes and improvements coming.

    November updates will see Master Pokémon increase the number of award-winning gems for certain tasks, such as completing history and training events. The access bonus started at the beginning of this month will now also assign 4200 gems.

    In the middle of the month, there will be a rally event that keeps the track of the player’s progress and results so far in the game, in this event will also have its own bonus of access to gems and the objects.

    Pokémon Masters gets winter roadmap : Here's the Details
    Pokémon Masters gets winter roadmap: Here are the Details

    At some point in December, the level limit for synchronization pairs will rise to 120 and the courses will have a new level of difficulty that allows players to get the items they need to unlock the cap.

    Developer DeNA has made fun of a new pair of sync will be available for exploration in early December, with a trainer and their legendary Pokémon in a new type of event.

    It seems that the December update will also include some changes in the quality of life, all of which can be seen here.

    There will also be updated in January and February, including the renewal of training events, the reworking of the EX challenges to adjust their difficulties and the introduction of a Battle Villa mode.

    We will have news from the producers again at the end of this month to see some of the new content added in December, but in the meantime encourage the players to contact the team through the feedback section in the game if you have comments on the improvements.


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