RVing 101 Guide: Water Heaters    


    One of the perks of travelling around with RV is the chance to feel at home while wandering in an open road. And one of these feels is your access to hot water. Just imagine yourself having a warm, relaxing shower in a serene county. Indeed, that is a dream come true!

    However, each RV water heater is unique. Hence, you need to be well-informed so you can pick the right stuff that suits your needs. Fret not because this article will guide you with everything about RV water heater.  

    Compared to home heaters, RV water heaters are way smaller. Water heaters for home can accommodate roughly 40-50 gallons while RV water heaters can hold as much as 6-10 gallons only. Tankless water heaters are also available these days wherein they work just like a residential heater does.

    Meanwhile, there are three major fuel sources for the water heater. Here they are as follows:

    • Liquid propane

    Some entry-level rigs are particularly engineered to operate through water heaters which can utilize Liquid propane only.

    • Electricity/liquid propane

    Most water heater can be operated through liquid propane or electricity. By that, it allows owners to use the most convenient fuel and power source for heating the water. 

    • Motoraid

    With Motoraid, it uses the engine cooling system of your rig to increase water’s temperature. Once the engine is operating, the water coming from the cooling system of the engine will start circulating through tubes.

    What Else Do You Need To Know About RV Water Heaters?

    Trivia #1

    For water heater replacement, bear in mind that every system has different sizes. Hence before you start looking for water heaters, make sure to review the size of its opening located on the sidewall. Check its width, height as well as depth.

    Planning to replace it with a bigger tank? Yes, you can do that as well but ensure that there is enough space in your rig before buying. 

    Trivia #2

    It’s important to drain the water tank before locking the door when you are storing your rig for a while. It is advisable especially during winter days to keep the pipes from cracking, freezing or worse, causing you headaches once spring comes in.

    You should be aware that the water left in the water tank may cause it to freeze. This may lead to irreparable damage. Check if it has a bypass valve. If yes, then utilize it. For more details on how to do this, review your RV owner’s manual. 

    Trivia #3

    Switch off the bypass valve as soon as winter is over. This is to ensure that the tank is filled up before you go or else, it may lead to serious damage.


    Trivia #4 

    Anode rod installation is essential to prevent hard-water corrosion. Through it, corrosion will on the rod instead of going inside your tank. Do not worry because installation is easy as 1-2-3. 

    What you just need to do is to monitor it from time to time. Once the rod looks corroded, make it a habit to remove it and replace it.

    You can purchase anode rod for less than 20 dollars – a bit expensive. However, utilizing this can prolong the lifespan of your water tank.

    You need help! 

    It all starts with the installation of the appropriate water heater in an RV. And by “appropriate”, this means that the correct type, style, and size as per users should be chosen for actual installation. 

    All these things can be overwhelming to people who are not experts in these systems, so it is best to trust the right people for this.

    Also, the installation can make or break the overall performance and service life of the system. Teams of experts will provide quotes and recommendations plus excellent service for that hot water to become available in your place not for long.

     Water heater repairs

    Over time, however regular maintenance to the system will eventually bear some maintenance issues that only the best guys for the job can provide accurate solutions to. That is where experts come in.

    They have the expertise and experience, and they are locals of the area so the

    y know the best practices when it comes to anything about water heaters and hot water.   

    Water heater change over

    Water heater systems are not at all overly complex. But it has a few mechanisms that need to work together for the entire system to function as one and for its ultimate purpose. One of the most important is the actual water heater, which is what creates hot water when actuated.

    Therefore, when the system is not producing enough hot water, it is this part that is getting all worn up and abused. This calls for water heater change over and only skilled experts of the system can immediately recognize such need. 

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