Shazam 2 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and Spoilers

Shazam 2
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2019’s superhit film by Warner Bros pictures, Shazam!, the film has made it to the coming decades’ official film series. Not long after Shazam’s high-end success, the production companies are now working on Shazam 2, a.k.a. Shazam’s sequel following the DC Comics’s character Shazam starring Zachary Levi Pugh.

The movie takes its audience back to 1974 of an alternate universe. Shazam, who had stuck in the Rock of Eternity, is now ready to come out. He has finally found the person of pure heart, Thaddeus Sivana. To begin with, the story of Shazam matches the climax of Seven Deadly Sins and the endgame of the Council of Wizards.

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For the most part, Shazam’s finale was a beginning to a new alliance between Sivana, imprisoned, and a talking caterpillar. Apart from this, Superman also potentially makes a comeback on the silver screen.
So, are you thrilled about the sequel of Shazam!? Let’s find out some juicy details about Shazam 2. Will it take off where it had left? Or, will there be a brand-new adventure this time? Let’s take a glimpse:

When is Shazam 2 coming out?

Shazam is a DC’s Comics Universe complimented film series by Warner bros. Pictures first appeared on screen in 2019. Now, Warner Bros is planning to remake Shazam’s sequel. According to the recent update, Shazam 2 release date will be set somewhere in the year 2022.

To the reader’s surprise, this remake decision has also become static as Shazam in December 2019 won the National Films and Televisions Award for Best Comedy directed to David F. Sandberg.

For the reader’s information, COVID-19 Pandemic has delayed Shazam 2’s release from April 2022 to 4th November 2022. There are chances of further delay if the film’s release in 2022 comes to clash with other forthcoming adventure films by Marvel Comics Universe in the same year.

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Who is Shazam? How was he born?

Here’s a fun fact for you! Shazam is also known as Captain Marvel. That’s right! You have seen Captain marvel in Avengers Endgame and other movies by MCU. To begin with, “Shazam” is a superhero name given by DC Comics to Captain Marvel. Here are Marvel movies in order. Check out other upcoming Captain Marvel movies on Disney plus.

Shazam 2
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According to Whiz Comics #2, Shazam was originally an ancient wizard when he met Billy. When Shazam was on the verge of death, Billy screamed, “Shazam.” Therefore, all Shazam’s superpowers passed on to Billy, who is now “Shazam” of today’s generation.
Not only this, but do you know? SHAZAM is indeed a short form of a compilation of 6 fictional superheroes from history. These are Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.

Is the Shazam 2 trailer out yet?

No. up until now, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures have not launched an official trailer for Shazam 2. However, here is one of the best Shazam 2 fandom from the fans. Let’s take a glimpse:


Surprising fans who have not watched the Shazam official trailer. Here’s Shazam 1 official trailer for your entertainment.


What is the Shazam 1 plot summary?

As mentioned before, Shazam 1 follows the story of Thaddeus Sivana who out of nowhere reached Rock of Eternity. For the reader’s information, ROE is a magical temple in the alternative universe/dimension.

Shazam is also in the other dimension. Although, he is waiting for someone of pure heart to pass on his powers to. According to the past, Shazam has passed his powers to the wrong person that led to the entire demolition of the Council of Wizards. It is because the former Shazam’s champion had released Seven Deadly Sins.

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Although, Thaddeus Sivana is not the perfect choice so Shazam pushes him back to the real world. However, the villain (the Sins) finds a way to reach him through their tempting and influencing words of vengeance.

Billy Baston is another young boy in Shazam 1. He is a perfect choice and of a pure heart that Shazam needs. Thus, the plot of the Shazam film connects Shazam wizard, The Sins, Thaddeus Sivana, and Billy into an adventure.


In conclusion, Billy Baston is finally Shazam now. He has also gained for love for his siblings and foster family. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for Shazam 2. Many spoilers alerts coming your way!


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