Shoes To Wear With All Your Blue dresses

    Blue dresses

    Now you’ve got the perfect blue dress for you or you have a blue dress in mind to buy, but don’t know what color of shoes you can wear with your dress, here are some styling tips to get you looking dapper at any occasion. Be it navy, royal blue, or pastel shades of blue, we’ve got numerous options of shoes and accessories that you can match with your dress. Stay with us!

    Choosing the Right Blue Dresses Before you Pick the Shoes

    While shoes can be quite functional in defining your overall looks, a quality dress is foremost for perfecting a fashion statement. SunsetFashionLA is an online fashion store we recommend for purchasing your quality blue dresses at affordable prices and mouth-watering discounts. What’s more, you can also get the shoes and accessories you’d love to pair your dresses with at the store. You should really check out the store to see for yourself. Now let’s get back to match your dress.

    Color of Shoes to Wear with any Blue Dress

    Heels are best worn with blue dresses because they make you appear taller and exude the feminine side of your structure. They are also less stable because they put your upper body weight on your back and shoulders. Wearing flats would be the go-to options for when you want to stay comfortable, though they are not very elegant for some events. Boots, sneakers, and sandals, are other footwear options you can explore. While you’re still making your choice between the kind of shoes, here are some colors you can wear them in.

    Shoes for your Navy Blue Dresses

    Simple black pumps with a navy blue dress complements the dark hue of the outfit. It would also create an elegant and classic look that is sure to impress everyone at any event. Black heeled boots and navy blue is an attractive combination that will enhance your stylish silhouette with an edgy vibe. To add a bit of drama and color pop to your ensemble, you can opt for a bright red clutch bag.

    A harmonious color combination of grey shoes and navy creates a well defined sense of fashion that doesn’t feel too audacious or too subtle on a statement. Yellow shoes are also a perfect mix for your dress at prom parties or as a bridesmaid in a summer wedding, so you don’t spend so much time getting ready. Looking fab in a green and navy combo will give you the right attitude to conquer the world. You can also grab along a purse in the same color as your shoes or opt for florals or animal prints to stand out in a crowd.

    What Shoes to Wear with a Royal Blue Dress

    A mix of royal blue shoes and a dress in the same shade takes away the effort needed to create the right color contrast. This pair looks good at formal events and parties where you don’t want to look too flashy. Thick or strappy white heels with royal blues will create a charming look at weddings especially if you want to show off your legs. They can also make your legs look taller and your feet smaller if your dress is in a high-low style. Black high heel shoes goes with every color and they’re no different for the royal blue dresses.

    If you’re more into skin tones, then you’d love combining your blue dress with nude, beige, or blush shoes. They can be understated, yet a very elegant pair. Whether it’s a classic strappy stiletto, closed-toe pumps, or block-heeled shoes, you’d certainly look lovely in them. A navy, black, white, or rose gold clutch will help keep you full-on glam.

    Color Of Shoes For Light/Pastel/Baby Blue Dresses

    Light blue dresses look simple yet elegant when paired with a closed-toe pair of silver shoes. The breezy and effortless ensemble creates that Cinderella charm which is everything but boring. The cool tones of the pastel blue dress is perfectly matched with the shine of metallic silver shoes. Strappy matte silver shoes add more glam to the fashion statement that your baby blue dresses have already created.

    For your purse, go for white, black, purple, or yellow depending on how you like to play with colors. Silver jewelry would match the shoes, but it’s best to keep it subtle so they don’t steal the spot from your dress. Metallic gold or rose gold shoes add a flirty side to your looks which works great for cocktails and weddings. Make sure to coordinate the look with matching jewelry sets. White, black, brown, corals, sunny yellow, and pastel pink are other colors you can try out with your dress.

    Closing Notes

    We’ve been able to shed light on the shoes to wear with all shades of blue dresses and as you can see, there are lots of shoe colors that can blend with them. From the more daring and fierce options of sunny yellow, bright red, and neon green to the neutral skin tones such as beige, nude, and blush, you’d look your best in the mood you choose for any occasion. 


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