Sleep Mattresses Are Revolutionizing Sleep! But What Are They?


    Over the years, technology has been rapidly integrated into more and more aspects of our lives. We’ve all noticed this rapid acceleration in technology as we hear of the new release of yet another smartphone, smartwatch, a smart assistant and so on. However, the release of the ‘smart mattress’ is incredibly fascinating. What is a smart mattress? What does it do? This article is going to breakdown the answers to those questions, and more!  

    What is a smart mattress?

    A smart mattress is a bed that uses sleep tracking artificial intelligence technology to enhance the sleep of its users. How does it do this?

    Technology that is integrated into the smart mattresses emits radio signals that bounce off your body – detecting any minuscule movements made when in bed. This (coupled with the ability to monitor heart rate, body temperature, and breathing rates) allows the smart mattresses to determine how long a person has slept for, what stages of sleep they went through, and the overall quality of their sleep. 

    What is truly astonishing is the fact that smart mattresses offer the ability to regulate the temperature of itself with their integrated heating and cooling systems – optimizing the temperature of the bed in real-time as it monitors the body temperature of its users. Some smart mattresses can even connect to the lighting and thermostat of the room to optimize a person’s environment to enhance their sleep. 

    Let’s Take A Look At Some Examples…

    Now that we have a good idea of how smart mattresses work. Let’s take a look into some of the smart mattresses that are on the market at the moment.

    The ReST Bed:

    The ReST Bed is one of the most advanced smart mattresses on the market! Users have a choice of three different modes to best suit the owners: 

    • Manual Mode, which allows users to customize the firmness of the mattress for their legs, hips, lumbar, shoulders and head. 
    • Auto-Position Mode, which adjusts the bed to support users whenever they move or shift throughout the night.
    • Automatic Mode, which allows users to set their preferred level of support. 

    The ReST Bed also uses its 2,000 integrated sensors to measure various areas of its user’s body to record sleep patterns from their 1,000 data point grid – available for users to look at on their ReSTdash app. This allows for an easy and effortless way for users to determine whether they have a good quality sleep, as well as what they need to do to improve their sleep if they did not. 

    The smart mattress is further kitted out with a 4-inch cooling gel-infused memory foam that is designed to provide a comfortable surface that adjusts beneath its users as they sleep throughout the night. Furthermore, the gel-infusion molecules incorporate the extent of ‘climate control’ as they work to transport heat away from the body to prevent hot and restless nights. 

    Although the ReST Bed comes with a high price tag, starting at around $3,799, it is definitely one of the most advanced smart mattresses in the market, the perfect option for buyers with lots of ambition and a big budget!

    Sleep Number 360:

    Sleep Number 360 is another sophisticated smart mattress on the market that works to enhance the sleep of its users. Its sensors allow users to review their ‘Sleep IQ’ score whenever they want to– a measure of the quality and length of their sleep. The sensors measure breathing rates, heart rates, and track movements to determine the ‘SleepIQ’ score of any user. 

    Perfect for couples sleeping in the same bed, the Dualair adjustability feature allows users to adjust the firmness of each side of the bed. The process is simple; users can experiment with and adapt the ‘Sleep Number’ setting between 0-100 (most firm) to customize their side of the bed to be perfect and comfortable for them. This ‘Sleep Number’ is then maintained through Responsive Air Technology, which works to automatically ensure that the bed remains as firm as the user wants it to. 

    To Conclude:

    Overall, it seems clear that smart mattresses are becoming more and more popular over time due to the wealth of benefits that technology can have on so many people’s quality of sleep. However, right now, the biggest obstacle for many people is that most smart mattresses simply have too high of a price tag – rendering them as unaffordable for so many.

    Fortunately, it is entirely possible to have some of the benefits of a smart mattress without having to invest so much money into one. For example, if you are looking to only regulate bed temperature, then there are a variety of bed cooling systems that you may wish to consider that are much more affordable than a full smart mattress.


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