7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic By 206%

    Increase Your Blog's Traffic

    In an increasingly crowded marketplace, it can be very difficult to guarantee your blog is going to receive the attention it deserves. But don’t worry! This set of top tips is here to help. What follows is an array of tried and tested advice which is guaranteed to boost the visibility of your blog: 7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic By 206%-

    1.Promote, promote, promote!

    It might seem like a no-brainer, but taking full advantage of the social media revolution is one of the only sure fire ways to build up a following. You have most likely already got Facebook and Twitter covered (but if not, why not give it a try?). However you may not have considered outlets like Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Of course, it will depend on your blog content to determine which is the best platform for you. But with a comprehensive targeted social media campaign supporting your blog, you won’t go far wrong.

    2.What’s in a name?

    Everything, as it turns out! Article titles are the first thing your readers are going to encounter when they discover your blog, so you need to ensure they are neat, snappy and above all memorable. A dull, long-winded title is a guaranteed turn off. Keep it exciting, don’t use too many long words, and keep it as brief as you can. You won’t regret it!

    3.A picture paints a thousand words

    It makes sense when you think about it: staring at oodles of unadorned text is not the most appealing of prospects for any reader. A few well-selected, colorful images can work wonders for turning your blog into an internet sensation!

    4.Got video? Get subtitles!

    Adding subtitles to a video is one easy way of making your online content so much more accessible. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is, too. Your best bet is to use Audext. Audext is an easy-to-use audio to text converter, which works on all popular audio files. And after the transcription is done, you can use their website’s editor function to make sure each and every written word is tied to the right audio moment. Ingeniously, it can also identify speakers and amend its transcription style accordingly. It really is that smart! An example of an instance where audio to text converter online Audext might be particularly valuable is when you are transcribing interviews. So if for instance you are dealing with a podcast, press conference or simply a recorded Q&A, Audext will work its magic and turn the spoken word into onscreen text. Likewise if you are a student working with recorded lecture notes, Audext can turn them into easily readable text for you. Or even if it’s something simple like a voice memo from your phone, Audext is the perfect tool to turn it into useable text.

    5.Don’t forget the keywords!

    You don’t need an advanced doctorate in SEO to know that a sprinkling of well-placed keywords can make your blog posts so much more readily accessible via search engines. You need to take a look at your target audience: what kind of things are they going to be looking for online? Then simply increase your usage of keywords which are relevant to those topics, and your blog is all the more likely to crop up amongst their searches.

    6.Share and share alike

    A good idea to increase your blog’s traffic is to include a range of social media sharing options at the foot of your articles. That means any reader who is lucky enough to stumble across your blog by chance will be able to share it with their friends in a matter of seconds. Pretty much all blogging platforms are optimized to incorporate sharing functions, so why not take full advantage? Your readers will thank you for it!

    7.Money makes the world go round

    This last tip to increase your blog’s traffic depends on the scale of your blog and the depth of your pockets. It’s always a good idea to support your blog with an online marketing campaign. Facebook and YouTube ads are the most reliable ways of attracting new readers, but they also happen to be some of the most expensive. Luckily, there are cheaper options out there. Again, it’s a matter of knowing your target readership and understanding the marketing outlets they are likely to respond to. 


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