Streaming Wedding Ceremony


    We live our lives quite differently from the previous years due to modern technologies. They improve day by day and provide us with a variety of unbelievable opportunities. The wedding trends have also changed, and today, marriage live streaming is a popular tool that everyone can use.

    Why Do We Need Online Wedding Ceremonies?

    The wedding is usually planned well beforehand, and the couple tries to do their best to organize everything at the highest possible level. And now, just imagine that you need to cancel everything because of the pandemic, or, maybe, you have invited guests from different countries and they cannot come.

    What one should do in such a case? Wedding live streaming is a great solution that can unite all the guests and bring them to celebrate your happy day no matter what is going around.

    Wedding Online: A Unique Format

    Since 2020 and the pandemic times, this format of the wedding has become a real trend. Couples that have chosen it prove that it is no worse than a traditional celebration. Actually, such weddings have all the common attributes, including pretty images, lovely newlyweds, happy guests, numerous congratulations, and dancing. 

    There will be no more stereotypes but a special uniqueness of your celebration that is going to be unforgettable.

    Still, proper and accurate preparation is required. In some ways, an online wedding may cost a bit cheaper than a real one. However, the devil is in detail here, and if you do not want to spoil this day, you have to understand what is needed for its organization.

    Here is the list of details that you need to consider while planning to stream your wedding ceremony.

    Broadcasting service

    The choice of a video conferencing platform is the first choice that you have to make. Of course, your friend and relatives want to become the witnesses of this day, and a proper live stream platform is the basis for this possibility. Search the available features, prices, and reviews and select the one that will be the most suitable for you.

    Registration of marriage

    Here, you have at least two options:

    1. The couple can visit the registry office and hold a ceremony there, streaming it for the guests simultaneously.
    2. There are also different online marriage services available that can become a part of your online ceremony.


    There are several ways that can be utilized for this purpose. If you are searching for the most creative and unusual one, prepare a video message or make an online postcard. No matter what you choose, pay attention to the details that must be specified: date, time, and link that will lead your guest right to the ceremony.

    Wedding images

    Even when all your guests are in online mode, the newlyweds have to be gorgeous and beautiful. That is why think about the style,  clothes, hairstyles, and makeup. This is still the necessary point. However, you can select something extreme and unique and make the wedding in pajama style.


    The same story is about the decoration of the room. When your guests are not present offline, they still see everything, and you need to immerse them into the wedding atmosphere. Think about the proper place and choose the decoration according to the general style of the ceremony.

    Holding an event

    You can invite a specialist and presenter to plan the greatest day of your life, or you can do it by yourself. In any case, you will need a scenario similar to those used for the traditional ceremony.

    Of course, all the needed equipment must be prepared the day before the wedding. Do not forget to check the connection as well as the quality of audio and video. You can plan a test call when everything is ready.

    Moreover, do not hesitate to include the following parts:

    • Photoshoot. It can be done in an online mode as well. The couple can make screenshots with guests. A professional photographer will help you to create fantastic photos.
    • Festive dinner. You can choose delivery both for yourself and for your guests. Moreover, you can make different orders according to the tastes of guests.
    • Party and dancing. To create a unique atmosphere, find the most suitable songs and complete a playlist for the whole party. Your guests can also share their music. So, the wedding will not be boring.

    Not every couple will enjoy this type of wedding ceremony. It can be a difficult decision, but, according to the situation, this alternative may appear to be the best possible. 

    If you do not want to postpone your plans, there are still numerous possibilities to organize an unforgettable celebration. Take your time, learn all the tips, choose the proper equipment, and be sure that both you and your guests will enjoy the ceremony. Even an online wedding can be a great party. It is unusual, and, after all, you can organize an offline version later.



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