Target Trading Review – A Streamlined Approach to Online Investing

    Target Trading

    Target Trading’s Overview 

    Account Minimum 

    Target Trading has a $0.00 account minimum. That means you do not have to deposit money in your account immediately. 

    Fees/ Commissions 

    Target Tradings allows zero commissions for online stock and options trades. It waivers checking fees, domestic wire transfers, and account closure fees. 

    Investment options 

    All traders and investors on Target Tradings have access to stocks, forex, mutual funds, options, ETFs, and futures, among others. 

    Pros and Cons

    Like other trading platforms, Target Tradings has unique perks and shortcomings that you should carefully understand before joining the venue. 


    • Lower tradings fees and commissions 
    • Superior trade execution 
    • Multiple investment options 
    • Reliable customer service 
    • Educational resources for all levels of traders 


    • The web-based platform is a bit slow 
    • Services are not available globally

    Pros Explained 

    Lower trading fees and commissions

    Target Trading is among the few brokers rallying for no commission tradings. Apart from their zero account minimum, the broker exempts stock and options trades from commissions. On the other hand, Target Tradings does not charge its clients checking fees, domestic wire transfer fees, and account closure fees. 

    Superior trade execution

    Target Trading leverages its smart order routing technology to ensure excellent trade executions across all its trading platforms. The Target Trading ‘s programs also integrate convenient trading idea generators, research, and technical analysis tools to help traders execute orders and make informed financial decisions. 

    Multiple investment options

    Target Trading also boasts a broader selection of asset classes and investment products for different types of traders and investors. Their portfolio comprises various offerings for novices, casual investors, and long-term traders. Besides, they allow you to place multiple order types. 

    Reliable customer service

    Trading on Target Tradings is relatively seamless, mainly because of the reliable customer service. They have friendly and experienced customer assistants to answer questions and guide traders in navigating their platforms. You can reach them via phone, email, or live chat. 

    Trading Platforms

    Target Trading has convenient desktop, web-based, and mobile programs that clients can use to sign up and start investing with them. 

    The platforms boast intuitive designs with robust features and functions for traders and investors. Users can access several pre-built and customizable tools that streamline the trading experience. 

    Target Trading uses smart order routing technology that tracks assets across various market centers based on price movements. Then, it executes orders at the best available prices, ensuring greater efficiency. This Target Trading’s traders also access screeners, charting tools, portfolio reports, alerts and notifications, real-time data streaming, research, and technical analysis tools. 

    The desktop and web-based platforms feature more advanced tools and functions for active and experienced traders. The mobile app is a perfect choice for novices due to its simplistic and easy-to-use tools. The desktop platform is a bit slow, but it is undergoing improvements. 

    Product Offerings and Markets

    Target Trading has an all-inclusive approach to online investing, with diverse product offerings for different types of traders and investors. It emphasizes a vast selection of asset classes catering to beginners and seasoned investors who demand exclusive access to unique investment opportunities and global markets. 

    The following are the tradeable products on Target Trading. 

    • Long and short stocks 
    • Forex 
    • Mutual funds 
    • Crypto 
    • Futures 
    • Options 
    • ETFs 

    Target Tradings also has broader market access that covers several global markets and automated trading systems. That makes the platform an excellent pick for traders and investors interested in spreading their investments across multiple assets and marketplaces. 

    What Are Target Trading’s Rates?

    Target Trading has some of the industry’s most subsidized margin interest rates, mainly calculated on a tier-based mechanism. The broker also takes credit for its online stock and options tradings with zero commissions. Besides, Target Trading’s clients are not subject to an account minimum, checking, and domestic wire transfer fees. Nevertheless, before executing trades, you should always check their fee calculator to know the specific costs that will apply to your orders. 

    Are There Tradings Risks with Target Trading?

    Target Trading has industry-standard security provisions, including two-factor authentication, biometric (facial and fingerprint) verification, security questions, and insurance coverage. It also offers consistent market reports, expert commentaries, and other educational resources to help traders to avoid common risks. Overall, Target Tradings is a low-risk investment platform for all traders and investors. However, trade with caution based on your risk tolerance and investment goals. 

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