The Best Cruise Destinations In The World


    Going on a cruise can be the ultimate vacation, allowing you to kick back and relax as your travel from place to place and destinations filled with fun, excitement and unique experiences. There are cruises to suit all tastes, interests and budgets. You will need an idea of the type of experience you want to have when deciding on a cruise destination. The cruises you choose will differ significantly depending on whether you want sand, sea and sun, bustling city excursions or adventure.  

    You will also need to consider your budget and how long you want your cruise to be. Taking a cruise from a port near your home can be a great way to cut costs, while for others, you will need to factor in the costs of getting to the cruise for boarding. If you’re trying to decide where to head for your next cruise adventure, here are some of the best fun and unique ideas to help inspire you.  


    Greece has 227 inhabited islands – and over 6,000 total islands – to choose from, making it an ideal cruising destination. You can start your vacation in Greece’s bustling capital Athens before heading to a port city to begin your journey through the gorgeous Aegean and Ionian Seas. You can take cruises of various lengths through the Greek islands, ranging from a handful of days to weeks. 

    There are many things to enjoy in Greece and the Greek islands, and it is famed for its idyllic beaches and energetic nightlife. There are also plenty of options for active travelers like hiking, snorkeling, jet skiing and much more. Visit late spring or early fall to avoid the busy tourist summer season while still enjoying the beautiful weather.  


    Croatia has long been known as one of the most idyllic cruising destinations in the world. From its breathtaking coastline to its beautiful port cities, beauty and charm can be found in every corner of this remarkable country. With rolling hills, picturesque towns, and a variety of ports of call, Croatia cruising offers something for everyone. Whether sailing along the chic Dalmatian Coast or visiting historic ruins and charming villages, visitors are sure to find plenty to enjoy while cruising through Croatia. Offering an array of stunning views, an elegance Croatia cruise promises an experience that will follow you home far after you disembark.


    Norway is famed for its dramatic scenery, unparalleled views of the Northern Lights, and short days. Taking a cruise through the Norwegian fjords can be the perfect choice for anyone who wants a cruise that’s a little different from the norm. If you hope to catch sight of the Northern Lights, it is best to visit between November and March, though you should bear in mind the chill temperatures during this time.  


    Antarctica is rapidly becoming a favorite destination for the more adventurous cruise-goers. One of the most remote places in the world, Antarctica is home to glaciers, snow as far as the eye can see, and colonies of penguins. This cruise is not for the faint of heart, as the journey there takes you through the Drake Passage, infamous for being some of the rockiest seas around. Make sure to bring sea sickness medication along! 

    Once you arrive in Antarctica, there will be a range of experiences and activities to enjoy. You could spend a night camping in the desolate, beautiful snowscapes, go wildlife watching for whales, penguins and birds, or take a trek over ancient glaciers. Just remember to invest in the proper gear to keep you warm and safe on your adventures. It is also worth noting that exploring Antarctica will take a certain level of physical fitness, so ensure you’re in peak form before you go.  

    The British Isles 

    For a tamer but no less enjoyable cruise experience, taking a ship around the British Isles can be an excellent way to experience all that Britain has to offer. You will visit major cities, including Liverpool, London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff, meaning you’ll get to enjoy all the bustle and culture of Britain. You can travel around the entirety of the British Isles in around two weeks or choose a longer cruise if you want to really explore all the British Isles have to offer.  

    The Caribbean 

    The Caribbean is what everyone thinks of when they’re considering a cruise and with good reason. Gorgeous warm, sunny weather, incredible beaches and a relaxed vacation vibe are all iconic things we associate with the Caribbean. There is also plenty for the more adventurous cruisers in the form of thrilling activities like snorkeling, tropical hikes, tubing and much more.  

    There are so many islands in the Caribbean, making up 13 countries and a number of territories from countries like the UK, the US, and France. Each island has its own culture and unique things to do, see, and experience. The Caribbean also offers some of the cheapest cruise options for those traveling on a budget. Take a look into cheap cruises to the Caribbean for more inspiration.  


    Australia has a vast range of places to explore and things to do. Trips can range from a complete circumnavigation to shorter stretches between Melbourne and Sydney. There are world-famous monuments and cities to explore, as well as stunning beaches, the wild outback and plenty of wildlife. You could include an excursion to see the Great Barrier Reef, famous across the world for its biodiversity.  

    The Galapagos 

    The Galapagos are the ideal destination for any adventurer with a love of wildlife. There are species you will encounter that are unique to the Galapagos and guided tours from naturists to help you appreciate and learn more about the unique flora and fauna of the area. There are options for luxury cruises to the Galapagos that will allow you to live in comfort and decadence while having the experience of a lifetime.  


    Hawaii is an idyllic choice for a cruising vacation. It is known for its relaxed and vibrant culture, tropical weather and incredible scenery. You can learn to surf, visit Hawaii’s volcanoes or go off-roading if you like your vacations on the more adventurous side. If relaxation is your vacation go-to, consider a cruise that will take you to the world-famous Waikiki Beach.  

    The Mexican Riviera 

    Situated on the Pacific coast, you’ll find clear waters, incredible culture and beautiful weather on the Mexican Riviera. There are plenty of places to visit to satisfy all tastes and experiences that will make memories to last a lifetime. If you’re a wine lover, you could consider visiting the vineyards and wineries of Ensenada, the wine hub of Mexico. There are also cities along the Mexican Riviera that will allow you to indulge in some of the finest retail therapy around.  


    Another island nation, Japan is famed worldwide for its culture, arts and food. In addition to the unique cultural experience, you will also find some incredible scenery in Japan that will delight adventurers. It is best to begin your cruise in Tokyo on the main island of Honshu, where you will be wowed by the technology, architecture and cultural experiences. From there, you can catch a cruise ship to more remote but equally stunning islands throughout the area.  

    It is a good idea to go to Japan during the cherry blossom season from mid-March to early May. It is worth noting that this is a busy season for tourists in Japan, so you may find prices higher than average. During the cherry blossom season, you’ll get to see the wonders of Japan decorated by the delicate pink blooms of the world-renowned cherry blossom trees.  

    The Mekong  

    The Mekong River winds its way through six countries, including Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, making it an ideal place for a river cruise. There is stunning history to experience at many of the stopping points on a Mekong River cruise. For anyone interested in historical and natural landmarks, you’ll find some of the most impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites easily accessible from docking areas on some of the common routes along the river.


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