The Expanse season 5 Release date, plot, and spoiler alerts

The expanse season 5
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One of the most trending science fiction dramas on Amazon prime after “The Handmaid’s Tale” is “The Expanse.” To begin with, before the official release of the expanse web series on Syfy Network, a whole lot of audience was unaware of James S. Corey’s work on “The Expanse” original novel. However, now this series has built its place of interest among the global viewers of Amazon Prime. Now, its fanbase is eagerly waiting for the forthcoming The Expanse season 5.

Show Switches to Amazon Prime Video

For the most part, in October 2019 before the premiere of season 4, Legendary Television Distribution had announced the renewal of the show for its 5th season. Not only this but there are several interviews where Steven Strait has revealed the fact that James S. Corey is currently working on the 9th novel of The Expanse series. Hence, the show will follow all the series up to the end. 

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Well! That’s the casts’ expectations and of course, Fans! Although, after being dropped by the “Syfy Network” upon completion of the expansion season 3, it seems like that this incident has done a favor to the disadvantaged party. To begin with, Syfy Network was roughly generating 1 million audience base for the show. However, Amazon Prime has increased this number by hundreds of edges. Not to mention, the show is now accessible in over 200 countries. 

Now, without any further ado, let’s see when is The Expanse season 5 coming out?

What is The Expanse season 5 new release date?

Up until now, The Expanse production team has managed to keep at least 1-year of the distance between the release of every season. According to the last official update, The Expanse season 5’s shooting was already over in March 2019. Although, it is a possible consequence that COVID-19 has also blocked the release of The Expanse season 5 soon. 

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But, according to the pattern that creators follow, The Expanse season 4 was released on 12 December 2019. The Expanse season 5 release date assumes to be December 2020 or January 2021. However, this is only an assumption. For now, the producers or Amazon prime has not given any update on the release of season 5. 

Is there a “The Expanse season 5” trailer?

No! The Expanse season 5 official trailer has not released by Amazon Prime yet. For the readers who have not watched the Expanse season 4, here’s a glimpse of the expanse season 4 official trailer. Let us know your reviews in the comment section.

What is “The Expanse season 5” expected plot summary?

To begin with, the expanse season 4 was based on the 4th novel series titled “Cibola Burn.” In this series of the expanse, the world had suffered a contagious disease crisis and another earthly disaster. Furthermore, in season 4, the audience witnessed high-end investigations, racial tension among the lives of the main characters of the show, and much more. 

In the forthcoming season of The Expanse, the fanbase is expecting a plot similar to the next series of The Expanse novel. The 5th series is known as Nemesis Games. To begin with, this series will highly focus on three crew members who are on their personal mission. On the other hand, Amos Burton will also play a focusing role in the series as he returns to earth to mourn the death of a close friend (SPOILER ALERT!!!).

Lastly, the next season will finally open about “who was behind the attacks of Cibola burn?” In conclusion, the next season will reopen dark secrets, unknown enemies, and unpredicted events in the lives of crew members. 


To summarize, not only the audience is keeping its hopes high for the expanse web series. But, also its cast members. In one of the interviews, John Wesly Chatham who is appearing as Amos Burton opened up about various cast facts. He speaks that he wants the developers to complete the entire story in 9 seasons before 2030. According to him, the other cast members also hold the same ideology. 

Not only this but the audience would love to acknowledge that all cast members are themselves the biggest fans of Comic-con. Thus, “The Expanse” web series is not just a part of their contract but also a gap-filler in their career as well as their passion for Comic books. 


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