The Importance Of Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays With Sunglasses

    Protecting Your Eyes

    Going out on a sunny day without eye protection or without Protecting Your Eyes might not feel quite hazardous or even dangerous, but the long term effects of sun damage can be both damaging and significant. 

    Ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB), which are severe, hidden rays that have more concise wavelengths than observable light, can contribute to the growth of some serious eye problems. Thus wearing UV sunglasses this summer and the forthcoming period is extremely important to safeguard your eyes. 

    It is said to do so as extreme exposure to UV rays can lead to the following problems, so begin Protecting Your Eyes:

    • Cataracts

    Cataracts, or the clouding over the lens in your eye, can cloud your vision and make colours appear less pronounced. Although cataracts are primarily believed to be an age-related eye issue, about 20% of all issues result from prolonged exposure to UV light.

    • Macular degeneration

    As the foremost cause of blindness in the UK, macular degeneration damages the macula lutea, a little spot near the centre of your retina needed for acute central vision. Because this portion of the retina holds millions of light-sensing cells, eye specialists believe that frequent exposure to damaging UV radiation contributes to the growth and advancement of this devastating eye condition.  

    • Ultraviolet keratitis

    Also characterised as a corneal sunburn, this momentary but painful disorder occurs when intense exposure to UV rays burns your corneas which are clear refracting covers that permit light to reach your eyes.

    On top of making you more susceptible to rays for up to 48 hours, ultraviolet keratitis can induce blurred vision and leave you with gritty, painfully dehydrated eyes.

    • Pterygium

    Prolonged, extreme exposure to UV radiation is the primary reason for pterygium, a mild, abnormal tissue development that forms on the eyeball itself. It’s occasionally called “surfer’s eye” because surfers spend a lot of time in environments with a lot of moisture, and out in the sun which raises their chances of developing pterygium.

    Besides causing general eye distress and blurred vision, pterygium can lead to chronic eye rash and permanent disfigurement.

    • Eye cancer

    Regular exposure to UV rays also raises your odds of contracting cancer, either within your eye or the soft tissues that encircle and support them.

    Although it is still somewhat rare, intraocular melanoma is the most familiar form of eye cancer in adults. Like melanomas that concern the skin, this potentially fatal disease is usually due to overexposure to UV radiation.

    Conjunctival cancers, which impact the lining behind your eyelid, are also driven by routine exposure to harmful UV light. Once believed to be very rare, this type of eye cancer is increasingly familiar, particularly among ageing people.

    Bottom Line

    If you already wear shades but aren’t sure whether they provide the advised level of protection, you must find a new pair of UV sunglasses you are sure of. 

    SmartBuyGlasses UK is committed to assisting people to maintain eye health and good vision for life. So whether you require a pair of quality sunglasses or want to learn more about eye health, you can visit their site.


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