The Negative & Positive Effects Of Divorce In Oklahoma

    The Negative & Positive Effects Of Divorce In Oklahoma

    Some divorces are inevitable, and circumstances are surrounding this decision. Thus, divorce isn’t uncommon in the US. In fact, a statistic report from the CDC has reflected that during 2018, out of 2 million marriages in all 50 states, almost a million are already divorced. Most of them are baby boomers, with only a small percentage belonging to other generations. Some speculate with the reason, and most have concluded the previous generation has prioritized marriage and making a family even at a young age.

    Whatever the reasons are, it doesn’t erase the fact that divorce has many effects on both parties. Out of them, the negative effects should be looked out for, especially if the union is with children. Here are the negative & positive effects of divorce.

    Negative Effects Of Divorce

    Both men and women have their share of the impact of dissolving a marriage, but what are they exactly? Most of the time, both parties are unaware of what the other is going through, and to be aware could help in maintaining a civil and peaceful agreement of divorce.

    • Emotional Effects

    Women are known for being creatures of emotion, and most of the time they are the subject for heavy impacts during a divorce. But that doesn’t mean men aren’t going through the same, if not more difficulties than they are. Both parties are affected emotionally by divorce, even if they claim to be unattached, there are dull aches still felt.

    One reason could also be a messy process of divorce more than the after-effects. Having an uncontested divorce could help to avoid these untoward situations in the future. That’s why companies that offer Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma – EXPDM are very important. As much as many of us want to settle it quickly, settling it in a peaceful and dignified passion tends to curb the ill-effects of divorce.

    According to many studies, women initiate divorce more often than men. Being presented with divorce papers often leaves them in shock, which can also add up to the current stress they are going through. Divorced men are more prone to depression, anxiety, and depending on how attached they are to the relationship, can even escalate to suicide. This is because men are covert creatures that often keep their feelings bottled up and reaching out to their friends will mean vulnerability. 

    If men lack a support system, women on the other hand suffer from identity crises. Women focus so much on being the perfect wife, mother, and woman overall during the marriage. It doesn’t help that society and social media alike burden their shoulders with ideals that are impossible to reach. 

    When losing their marriage, often these women find something to define themselves, and a big chunk of the population either drown in bad habits or engage in illegal drug use. Yes, this is despite having a support system and depends on how much they are attached to their spouse as well.

    • Physical Effects

    Physical Effects

    For divorced men, their risk for mortality increases to a devastating 250%. This is due to the fact 90% of them have either lost or gained twice their weight in the marriage and have been seen to have more bouts of flu and colds. They are also susceptible to cancer diagnoses and heart attacks, which consists of 50% of the reason for their deaths. Divorced men are also twice at risk for stroke than single or married men.

    In some similarities, women have seen to have more risk in terms of heart attacks. The risk becomes twice fold after the 2nd divorce and more, and this is because women tend to process the relationship afterward and find it hard to find a new spouse after the separation. This makes the stress linger far longer than men, who jump into relationships faster after.

    To add, women take in stress in their body that leads to inflammation and thus becomes a health risk. One of the most common health risks is Lupus Erythematosus. Read more about this disease here along with its causes and signs and symptoms. Lupus is more common in women than men, and this is because women process stress longer than their counterparts.

    Physical effects can be as severe as emotional as well. For both parties, no one is an exception to health risks and health decline. Both genders suffer from a variety of diseases due to the stress of the process of divorce, or simply just the after-effects.

    • Career And Economical Effects

    Career And Economical Effects

    Career-wise, women tend to take the brunt of the whole impact. Women who have taken a step back from their careers to be wives and mothers find it hard to find a job once again after marriage. This is because compared to when they had a breadwinner to work in their stead, now they are by themselves. Not only that, but divorce is often pricey if it keeps getting delayed and women aren’t exceptions to the fees.

    In a more technical situation, if divorced women do find jobs, they earn less than their ex-spouses. Not only do they find difficulty in landing a job after being unemployed for a long time, but the salary discrimination does not help, especially when the responsibility of the kids lands on her shoulders. For men, their single status is more cost-effective because of less responsibility.

    How About Positive Effects?

    Yes, there can be some benefits from a divorce, messy or not. For both parties, a divorce means freedom from the straps of a marriage unwanted. Some find it as a light at the end of the tunnel after a toxic relationship, more so if there was emotional and physical abuse included. Divorce allows them to heal from several unseen wounds.

    Another reason would be self-actualization or chasing your passions in life. Some pick up a hobby they couldn’t do during the marriage or launch their career and many life advancements. Some connect with friends and make new circles as a way to build themselves in a newer fashion. Whatever they pursue, some may dismiss it as ways of distraction from the void of an absent partner, but for them, it is a wonderful journey to self-love and positive healing.


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