The Total Cost of Veneers


    Laughing, smiling and talking require you to show your teeth. Understandably, you may be ashamed to show your teeth if they are imperfect. Fortunately, dental veneers at Dentakay dental clinic are ideal for covering these tooth imperfections, giving you a beautiful smile, and boosting your self-esteem.

    Because dental veneers improve your overall appearance, this article discusses their procedure, benefits, aftercare, and costs. Kindly read along.

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    Why Are Veneers Necessary?

    Veneers are ideal for making conservative changes to your teeth. Dentists use veneers to fix tooth gaps, spacing, worn-down teeth, tooth discoloration, and slight crowding. Furthermore, veneers are suitable for covering uneven-sized teeth and chipped or fractured teeth.

    Total Cost of Veneers

    You can get composite veneers, porcelain veneers, or zirconium veneers in Turkey. Because of the several types available, the total cost of veneers varies. 

    Composite veneers are the least expensive of all veneers. Nevertheless, they are not as durable or stain-resistant as other veneer types. Because composite veneers do not require enamel removal, they are reversible, and almost anyone can get them. A single unit of composite veneers costs between $110 and $190 in Turkey. Also, the total cost of veneers for 20 units is $2700

    Most people prefer porcelain veneers because they look and function like natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are durable veneers that fix significant dental flaws, including teeth discoloration, misshapen teeth, and chipped teeth. However, because the installation of these veneers requires enamel removal, they are irreversible. Therefore, you have to be careful to avoid damaging them. The total cost of veneers for 20 units is $5800, while the price of a single porcelain veneer in Turkey is between $150 and $330.

    Zirconium veneers are a new generation of strong, biocompatible, and durable veneers. They are also stain-resistant and can withstand biting and chewing forces. However, the downside to zirconium veneers is their color. Zirconium veneers have an opaque appearance which makes them look less natural. Zirconium veneers are almost as expensive as porcelain veneers because they’re durable. It costs between $200 and $220 to get a single veneer unit. The cost of 20 units of zirconium veneers is $4300.

    Lumineers are another type of veneer you can get in Turkey. Because they are from porcelain material, lumineers are durable and strong. Furthermore, lumineers are as thin as contact lenses; therefore, installing them doesn’t require enamel removal. However, unlike traditional porcelain veneers, lumineers are not effective in covering teeth imperfections. Because the cost of lumineers varies, you can get them for as low as $150 and as high as $300. Furthermore, getting 20 units should cost about $4000

    How Do Dentists Install Veneers?

    The first step in getting a beautiful smile from a cosmetic dental procedure is to visit a dentist. During this visit, your dentist will check your medical records and examine your mouth to determine if you qualify for veneers. Usually, veneers candidates maintain proper oral hygiene, have ample tooth enamel and do not clench their teeth.

    If you qualify for veneers, you will discuss the results you want to achieve with your dentist before selecting the type of veneers you want. Additionally, your dentist may take pictures or videos of you talking, smiling, and laughing to determine the appropriate number of veneer teeth to revamp your smile. Finally, the number of veneer units you get determines the total cost of veneers.

    The next step is tooth preparation. The dentist creates room for the veneer shells by removing part of your enamel. Although minimally invasive, you may get an anesthetic to numb you to the pain and increase comfort. 

    Afterward, the dentist takes your teeth’ impression, creates a mold, and chooses a suitable veneer color. Finally, the dentist sends the teeth’ impression and shade to a dental lab for preparation. You will get temporary veneers to protect your teeth’ enamel till the permanent ones are ready. These temporary veneers only last a few weeks.

    When you visit the dentist for your permanent veneers, the dentist will check the fit and adjust the veneers accordingly. The dentist will also check your bite before bonding the veneers. Finally, you should make a follow-up visit to your dentist after a few weeks to ensure everything is in order.

    Aftercare Tips

    Because a dental veneer procedure is minimally invasive, you can eat and drink after getting the veneers. Nevertheless, you must maintain good oral hygiene and healthy oral habits to maintain your veneers. Furthermore, you should keep a healthy diet and avoid chewing hard foods to prevent veneer fracture. 

    Can You Get Veneers in One Day?

    Most dental clinics send impressions of your teeth to a dental lab to fabricate your veneers, which takes about two to four weeks. However, some clinics have CEREC technology that creates your veneers in one day. 

    Can Veneers Fall Off?

    Yes. Although dentists bond veneers to the teeth using dental cement to make them permanent, the veneers may fall off if they do not bond properly. Furthermore, composite veneers are more likely to chip or fracture if you bite hard substances often.

    Why Is Turkey Suitable For Veneer Procedure?

    Dental clinics in Turkey install dental veneers at affordable prices. Usually, the cost of veneers in Turkey is two to three times less expensive than its price in the UK, America, or Europe. 

    Although veneers in Turkey are cheaper, dentists provide high-quality dental treatment. The reasons why veneers are more affordable in Turkey include the abundance of raw materials, low operating costs, and government support through medical tourism.


    You can boost your self-esteem by enhancing your smile – Dental veneers are ideal for this. In Turkey, the total cost of veneers is three times less than the cost in the US. If you have dental flaws, it is best to visit a dentist to know if veneers are ideal for you.


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