Tips to Match Wedding Rings Perfectly

    Match Wedding Rings

    Wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment. They symbolize your promise of togetherness to your partner. Therefore, your wedding ring should match your partner’s wedding ring, including the color, design, and pattern.  Today, we’ll address two concerns associated with when deciding to Match Wedding Rings:

    • Match wedding rings to your engagement ring
    • Matching your band with your partner’s band

    Here’s how you can match a couple ring perfectly.

    Pairing Your Wedding Band to the Engagement Ring

    First, let’s talk about pairing your wedding band to your engagement ring. You want to make sure your engagement ring and wedding band complement each other. 

    Buying your engagement ring and wedding band together is the best approach. However, don’t worry if that ship has already sailed. You can still match your wedding band to your engagement ring by following these tips.

    Go Shopping with Your Engagement Ring On

    If you plan to buy your wedding band from a physical outlet, keep your engagement ring with you. Put your engagement ring on one finger and try on various wedding bands in the finger next to it. This way, you can see the two rings together and decide if they match well. 

    Another helpful tip is to go to the same jeweler from whom you bought the engagement ring. Show them your engagement ring and ask them to make a wedding band that goes with it. 

    Match the Look

    If you want to buy a wedding ring online, match its look with your engagement ring. Find a ring that has similar specifications — width and thickness — as your engagement ring. If you have a design or pattern on your engagement ring, look for something similar for your wedding band. 

    Select the Same Metal and Color

    Lastly, choose the same metal and color. If your engagement ring is made of platinum, find a wedding band of the same metal. Also, opt for the same color of the metal to make the two rings complement each other. 

    Renowned jewelry brands classify rings and bands according to their design and look. Some popular designs are Contoured, Curved, Open, Notched, Straight, Stacked, and Pointed wedding bands. If you bought your engagement ring of a particular design category, you could buy your wedding band of the same type to match the two. 

    Matching Your Couple Ring with Your Partner’s Ring

    Having discussed how to match your engagement and wedding rings, let’s talk about how you can pair your wedding ring with your partner’s ring. Wearing matching bands, though not necessary, adds extra style, significance, and cohesion to the ceremony. 

    Pairing your rings comprises four simple steps:

    Pair the Metal and Colors

    The first step is to select the same metal and color, as they play the biggest role in matching designs. You can choose between several metal-color combinations, like platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, tungsten carbide, white gold, and more. 

    Match the Patterns and Finishes

    Now, have the same detailing on your wedding rings. Many incredible ring designs are available, such as Simple, Thin Ribbon, Heart-Shaped, Twisted Rings, Braided, Infinity, Multi-Tier Bands, and more. Choose the same pattern for both the rings so they complement each other. 

    Pair the Diamonds or Stones

    You can take the pairing of your rings to the next level by matching the diamonds or gemstones in the two bands. If you plan to have one diamond or stone in a ring, have the same stone of the same or different size in the other ring. 

    Feel free to play around with the size, though keep the stone and its design the same. You can also use the same combination of gemstones for the two rings if you want to include two or more stones in your band.

    Match Other Design Features

    Last, pair the design features. These are additional details that add more personality to the ring. For instance, the male ring can have a simple yellow gold design with two parallel black stripes. The female ring with the same yellow gold design can have one black strip to give a harmonious look. 

    If you need matching rings for your wedding, check out Snapdeal’s wedding rings collection. Choose from a vast range of couple rings available in various colors, designs, and patterns. You can buy gold-plated and silver-plated rings and also choose from designs like King and Queen, Love Letter, Sterling Silver Swarovski, and more. 

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    Wrap Up

    A wedding is the most special occasion in a person’s life, and you can make it more memorable by matching your wedding rings, getting trendy ladies mangalsutra, earrings etc. There are various ways to pair rings under Dil ki Deals. If you buy them from a physical outlet, go together to the same jeweler and ask them to have a similar design for the two rings. If you want to purchase them online, buy a couple ring from Snapdeal.



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