Top 10 Cybersecurity Terms You Need To Know in 2022


    The practice of defending computer networks and systems from unlawful intrusion is known as cybersecurity. 

    Cybersecurity covers various technologies, including firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and security awareness training. It’s a bundle of hardware and software security systems. 

    Some common cybersecurity terms include SSL, VPN, Dark WEB, and many more. 

    Here are some of the 10 most common terms in cybersecurity;

    1. Keylogger

    A keylogger is a malware that records everything you type on your keyboard, including passwords and credit card numbers. Keyloggers can be installed on your computer without your knowledge and can be used to steal your personal information. Malware is any software that is designed to damage or disrupt a system. This can include viruses, Trojans, and worms.

    1. 2FA

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security that can be used to protect your online accounts. 2FA requires you to enter the second piece of information, such as a code from a text message or an app, and your password. 

    1. Dark Web

    The dark web is a part of the Internet that is not accessible through traditional web browsers. It is used by criminals to buy and sell illegal goods, such as drugs and weapons. It is also used to host child pornography and terrorist propaganda.

    1. FIDO

    The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance is an industry group working to develop standards for stronger authentication. FIDO’s goal is to make it easier and more secure for people to use their smartphones or other devices to log into online accounts. For example, FIDO’s standards could be used to replace passwords with fingerprint or iris scanners.

    1. SSL

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol to encrypt traffic between a web server and a web browser. SSL protects against eavesdropping and tampering by encrypting communication, making it difficult for someone to intercept or tamper with the data. 

    1. WAF

    A web application firewall (WAF) is a type of firewall that is used to protect web applications from attacks. A WAF inspects incoming traffic and blocks or allows it based on rules. 

    1. SECaaS

    Security-as-a-service (SECaaS) is a type of cloud-based security service. SECaaS providers offer various security services, such as intrusion detection and prevention, malware protection, and data loss prevention. 

    1. VPN

    A virtual private network (VPN) is a type of network that allows you to connect to the Internet through a secure, private tunnel. VPNs are often used to encrypt traffic and protect your online privacy. 

    1. Phishing

    Phishing is a type of fraud that involves sending an email or text message that appears to be from a trusted source, such as your bank or a company you do business with. The message usually contains a link that takes you to a fake website where you are asked to enter your personal information, such as your username and password. 

    1. Backdoor

    A backdoor is a type of security vulnerability that allows unauthorized access to a computer system. Backdoors can be installed by hackers or by legitimate software developers. Once a backdoor is installed, it can be used to bypass security measures, such as firewalls and authentication.


    These are some common terms that are important to know in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is important for individuals, businesses, and governments to protect electronic information from theft or damage. Stay safe and informed!


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