TOP 3 Highest Rated Fitness Watches & trackers.


    TOP 3 Highest Rated Fitness Watches & trackers.

    In a world where people are so busy running around to keep their 9-5 intact but still miserably failing to keep up with their health, fitness watches have come as a boon. But with so many promising yet confusing options in the market, it can get a little tricky to choose.
    So here we are with the top three best-ranked Fitness watches with their features that crowned them in the first place as well as their utility.


    • Heart rate monitor
    • Altimeter
    • 4-day battery life
    • Sleep tracking
    • Music player
    • Water resistance to 50 meters
    • Color screen
    • Replaceable band
    • Compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows
    Other compatible feature includes health tracking, sleep tracking, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. It also delivers you with 15 exercise modes to select from, like biking, running, swimming, and for that matter even yoga.



    Straight out of the box, the first thing that will entice you of t the Charge 3 is the band. It comes with a watch-style buckle, which is a delightful upgrade from the simpler snap clasps on previous Fitbit models.
    The Charge 3’s touchscreen is considerably responsive; all you need to do is swipe up or down to check various stats.
    Features include,
    • Heart rate monitor, Altimeter, up to 7-day battery life, Sleep tracking, Water resistance to 50 meters, Grayscale screen, Replaceable band, Compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows

    3. XIAOMI Mi BAND 4.

    One of the top reason why this is even on our lust is because of its highly affordable and accessible price.
    I mean who knew you could get a fitness watch just for $48 (/amazon price )
    The features include,
    • Heart rate monitor, Six workout modes, 20-day battery life, Colour screen, Sleep tracking, Wearable while swimming, Smartphone notifications, Compatibility with Android and iOS


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