Top 6 Label Designing Trends You Should Follow in 2021

    Label Designing Trends

    In this competitive business world, brands always search for fresh ideas that will help them to market better in the industry. The better labeling you have, the more chances you can create at attracting customers. The primary objective of the organizations is to boost their sales as well as the revenue of the company. Marketing is one of the best ways to influence the purchasing decisions of the customers.                                                                                                                                                              Product labeling is an essential part of the modern marketing system. In other words, labels will not only share the product details but also attract more future customers. A catchy label design can break or make your product. Every year, the marketing industry witnessed various labeling trends. Some trends evolve with time, whereas other becomes obsolete. As label designing improves the value proposition of the brand, it’s very important to make them attractive.                                                                                                                                                                                                 You may think that consumers don’t focus on the printed material of the labels, but they do notice the detailing. Attractive labels will help customers in their purchasing decision. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 label designing trends in 2021. 


    One trend that has gained popularity over the years and more likely to stay active more a couple of years in the future is the vintage theme trend. No matter if you’re a part of the design industry or clothing industry, the vintage theme is everywhere. Consumers prefer vintage themes more than ever. It reminds them of their good old days in the past. 

    The vintage concepts and the designs have withstood with time. They bring trends and designs from the past and make them relevant for the future. Apart from bringing nostalgia and good memories, the vintage theme also provides satisfaction to the customers. 

    Repeated Patterns

    Some businesses prefer the idea of a standard theme throughout all of their products. This is a good idea to boost the brand identity. If you consider choosing attractive and well-designed concrete patterns for your wholesale labels, make sure you use keep using the same patterns. You don’t need to use different labels for every product. 

    In this case, the best approach is to alternate the color schemes of the products. It will not only improve your brand aesthetically but also boost the discoverability of your products. If you use the patterns smartly, you can create a memorable and dynamic approach amongst your potential customers. 

    Die-Cut Labels

    Most of the content on the package is invisible. This is because people are not interested in reading the contents used in the products. Therefore, they are usually written on the backside of the products. Nevertheless, when you use die-cut label designing trends for your products, it will allow your product to stand apart from the competitors. In most cases, these types of labels work to mimic the logo of your brand. Apart from that, it can also help you to establish beautiful yet attractive patterns as well as humorous shapes. 

    Color Your Labels

    Some certain colors always have some physiological impact on the viewers as well as the customers. The blue color showcases tranquility and peace whereas reds are the perfect choice for labeling where the product needs to show spice and hotness. For instance, if you purchase a pack of hot and spicy ramen noodles, you’ll notice that they are all in red color. Colors are one of the strongest elements of marketing. 

    As per Medium, some colors can generate emotions. Customers can forget the brand name. However, they never fail to remember the color schemes of the brand or business. 

    Retro Theme

    Just like the vintage theme has been a popular choice and attracted millions of customers, the retro theme has always been a crucial part of the labeling design theme. The retro theme is considered a counter-intuitive notion and they work with futuristic designs very well. This invokes both anticipation and nostalgia as well. 

    In the upcoming years, the business industry will notice a boom in the popularity of retro themes. It will also start creating labels that integrated the elements of both retro design and future look. This combination will develop an extraordinary label design that will attract the attention of mass audiences. 

    Neatly Structured Layout

    One thing that affects the mindset of the customers is the mess on the labeling. Customers don’t like messy labels with tons of information squeezed. If you don’t have a direct relationship with the customers, your messed-up labels won’t be able to place any impact on their purchasing decisions. Nowadays, the trend of neatly structured layout is gaining popularity as it satisfying all aspects of label designing. 

    The written texts with attractive font combinations are divides by lines that separate the neat spaces and undefined areas. The clear and well-structured layout improves the readability of the labels. 


    These are the top 6 label designing trends you should follow in 2021. As digital printing is growing, you have tons of different methods and approaches to make your labels attractive. This will help you to spread emotions through your products. Do you have any questions? Comment down to let us know. 


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