Top 9 Highest Paid Professions for Fresh Graduates

    Fresh Graduates

    The world is constantly changing. Already in the traces of history – mankind was engaged in one thing: gathering fruits, hunting, nomadism. With the emergence of the division of labor, many different professions emerged. But at different times the direction of employment changes. For example, nowadays someone waxes a parquet? Or cleaning soot from chimneys? But 100-200 years ago, that job was especially relevant.

    In the last 2 years, the employment sector has been hit hard by the pandemic. Not only have many companies stopped looking for employees, but they have cut back on the staff they already have. They become really interested in a young people who only graduated from university or still studying there (for part-time job). It can be explained just because freshmen ‘cost’ lower. So is you’re a student, don’t hesitate to use cheap essay help and start your career as soon as possible. By the way, it will be even easier today because remote work has become actively used because of this situation in the country.

    Top 9 Most Wanted Occupations in 2021-2022

    Some positions have become superfluous. Although once considered prestigious in society. Others have soared to the very top of popularity. But the change itself is undeniable today: technological advances in all industries.

    So, what kind of specialists are employers looking for in 2021? In this article, we will show the cost level of the most in-demand specialties. Let’s look at some of the features and reasons for the need for these professions.

    IT specialist

    All kinds of workers in the information technology industry, especially those living in big cities, are rarely out of demand.

    The demand for these highly qualified specialists, both in Russia and abroad, is obvious. Due to the shortage of staff, employers are forced to increase salaries for these employees.

    Experts predict that in the next couple of years the deficit of data engineers on a global scale will amount to 500000 people. Every year the demand for professionals in robotics increases by 30-35%.


    The medical industry has a hierarchy of specialties that are highly paid. In recent years, the main positions of salary ratings are firmly occupied by anesthesiologists. The demand for these specialists does not decrease both in Russia and abroad.

    In addition to anesthesia itself, doctors of this specialty take part in resuscitation activities and surgical treatment. Their services are needed before the surgery, during surgery, and after. It is the anesthesiologist’s responsibility to ensure the maximum level of patient safety.


    The list of high-paying positions is not without another medical specialty. Even though in our country and the world is a constantly increasing number of dental clinics, qualified specialists who can work in them, are always in demand. This is due to the increasing number of people who care about the health of their teeth.

    This niche in the market is not yet filled, and qualified doctors will certainly not be out of work for several decades to come. The profession of dentist implies several specializations (surgeon, orthodontist, prosthodontist, therapist), so you should learn new directions, focusing on the needs of the market.


    The sphere of law, even despite the ever-increasing number of lawyers in our country, is characterized by several representatives of high-paying professions, including lawyers, legal advisers, and others.

    A qualified lawyer will, first of all, ensure his reputation, thanks to which he will be guaranteed a constant flow of clients. The greatest demand is observed for lawyers in the field of business – they can be both full-time employees of large firms, and employees representing agencies. Their task is to protect the interests of the company in court and support transactions. They also have to work with taxes.


    These days, these workers have come to be referred to as HR, which stands for “human resource.” A recruiter is involved in recruiting workers – finding employees for newly opened companies or successful businesses that are upgrading or expanding their staff.

    HR companies offer services in selecting specialists of a particular profile, as well as in checking their professional aptitude, testing, interviewing, etc.

    Experienced human resource managers earn up to $200,000 a year. This direction is characterized by great prospects.


    The tremendous responsibility and equally high risk involved in air travel for passengers and cargo directly affect the salary of pilots. They undergo a meticulous selection process, one of the criteria of which is the complete absence of health problems, mental including.

    A pilot profession is in demand at any time, but the requirements for applicants are extremely high. A pilot must be well-versed in meteorology, navigation, and other disciplines. He must have impeccable reflexes and specific knowledge of aviation English.

    Top Manager

    Managing a successful company, especially in highly competitive industries, requires special knowledge and skills. Specialists working in such positions are responsible for making decisions that affect the further financial fate of the entire company.

    Representatives of the executive echelon earn between $140,000 and $150,000 a year.

    Interface designer

    Experts in the design of sites, software, and a variety of applications greatly facilitate and simplify interaction with them. To be successful, such a specialist requires knowledge of programming and various versions of a design. Artistic taste is also necessary.

    A product that was designed by a pro-level UI designer stands out among others – it is pleasant to use, its functionality is laconic, and settings are clear, it is easy to find all the necessary information.

    Financial analyst

    There is a great shortage of experts in financial analysis, as well as professionals capable of high-quality calculation of the attractiveness of projects from an investment point of view. They are gladly hired by large organizations.

    It has long been a tradition to judge commercial opportunities “off the top of your head”. The profession involves the use of a whole range of programs for analysis. Therefore, people capable of making a qualified assessment of risks in investment and finance are worth their weight in gold.

    So, professions that bring a good income, quite a lot. And the ability to earn money is, of course, of great importance, but it is equally important to know how to properly dispose of them. It is possible to do this thanks to competent investment – because for a thinking person it is very valuable to realize one’s own potential in various spheres of activity.


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