Top Marketing Materials To Heighten Your Brand

    Heighten Your Brand

    The key to building your base of customers, bringing in more revenue and generating the most profit is proper marketing. In the real estate business, marketing is about more than just giving information about a property for sale. Real estate agents have to use proven marketing tactics, like real estate social media templates, to build up their networks and spread the word about their services and expertise. Here are the top marketing materials real estate professionals should focus on to help heighten their brand and business.

    Targeted Emails

    Many real estate professionals put most of their marketing efforts in social media and other online strategies. While it’s important to have a solid social media presence for your brand, don’t’ forget tried and true strategies like direct emails. Work with a marketing professional to target specific groups of people that are likelier to need real estate services. Use real estate email templates to focus your messaging and branding.

    For Sale Signs 

    Traditional for sale signs are another great marketing material that can boost a real estate agent’s profile with the general public. Agents with a history of success and a good grasp on marketing dress up their for sale signs to help promote their services along with the property. A for sale sign should be located in the front of the property in a visible spot where passersby and home scouters are able to see it. The agent’s name, photo and phone number should also be prominent on the sign. 


    Successful real estate entrepreneurs also use postcards to gain more clients. Postcards are a cheaper way of sending out mass mailings because of the lower postage rate. Postcards can also be designed with vibrant colors and any specific branding ideas. They are a great way to advertise to a targeted zip code or neighborhood of potential clients.

    Business Cards 

    The role of the business card has lessened a bit since the smartphone and online revolution. Business cards are still an effective way to generate leads in the real estate world. Realtors should always have a stack of business cards ready to go and hand out whenever possible. Networking can happen at a variety of places such as family gatherings, school events and other places where people are getting together. With a professionally-designed business card, it’s possible to pass on information about the brand anywhere.


    Brochures and real estate flyers for open houses are also effective marketing materials. Home buyers today still like to get a tangible piece of information about a potential property. A color brochure or flyer giving the basic details and top selling points of the home helps home buyers differentiate between other properties they also may be considering. Agents can use an easy real estate brochure template to get the most out of their efforts and increase the chances of selling the property quickly.

    The real estate market relies heavily on images and information about properties and the agents selling them. Use this to your advantage and create engaging marketing materials to move properties quickly as to heighten your brand, get more clients and make more income.


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