Viva Loans UK Review – Easy Loan When You Have Bad Credit

    Viva Loans

    Viva Loans is a loan brokerage platform that has partnered with many direct lenders who give payday loans ranging from £300 to £2,000. This loan platform is reputable for matching cash-strapped borrowers with reliable direct lenders.

    They also have lenient loan qualification requirements.

    In this article, we’re going to take you through everything you should know about Viva Loans: types of loans they offer, their rates, as well as pros and cons. 

    Features Of Viva Loans

    1. Multiple Loan Options

    Viva Loans offers a variety of loan options. It would help if you did your due diligence before settling for an alternative.

    Determine the loan amount you require urgently, how much can you repay, and how fast can you pay it back. Different loan options come with different terms and conditions. For example, you can receive an instant loan but have high APRS. 

    The following are the common loans from Viva Loans:

    1. Instant Payday Loans Poor Credit Score
    2. Fast Cash Loans Without Credit Check
    3. Fast Payday Loans Unemployed  
    4. Quick Payday Loans on Welfare 
    5. Loans on SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
    6. Payday Loans No Phone Calls
    7. Loans with Debit Card
    8. Payday Loans with a Prepaid Card
    9. Payday Loans with current account

    2. Flexible, Affordable Loan Amounts

    Avoid loan amounts that you cannot pay back on time. Viva Loans come in different amounts to make it more convenient for individuals—from as low as £100 to as high as £5,000. This loan amount varies from one direct lender to another.

    Furthermore, Viva Loans advises their clients typically only to take out what they need, even if they qualify for higher amounts. 

    3. Frequency of Repayments

    Discuss your repayment schedule with your lender before taking a loan.

    If you’re seeking a considerable loan amount, you can request more months. For smaller amounts, you can choose a one-time payment or request a few weeks to clear it off.

    Viva Loans lenders offer different payment schedules; biweekly, weekly, and monthly. You can pick the option that suits your income. 

    4. Interest

    While most payday lenders have been criticised for overcharging their loan services, some direct lenders like Viva Loans impose affordable rates.

    Generally, lenders from Viva Loans charge between 5.99% to 35.99% for their loans. Always inquire about extra charges such as the origination and late or early penalties. 

    5. Loans For A Range Of Credit Profiles

    Viva Loans has lined up many loan options and their qualification that you can pick from their website. This increases your chances to qualify for at least one of their loan options, regardless of your credit profile.

    However, you should be very keen when dealing with payday lenders, especially if your credit history is terrible. 

    Most lenders will take advantage of your desperate situation to offer you loans that will get you trapped in an endless debt cycle. As a result, you should take the time to read and understand loan terms and conditions before signing for it. 

    Loan Evaluation Process

    After applying for your loan, it’s time to wait for a response from the lender. 

    Viva Loans will go through your loan request to evaluate your identification card, social security number, housing details, driving license, the amount of loan you want, your employment and income details. Some direct lenders may also pull your credit history and the location of your residence.

    Note that by sending your loan application, you’ll be giving Viva Loans the authority to share your information with their network of direct lenders. 

    Typically, the Viva Loans approval process takes less than ten minutes. For example, loans UK payday take less than three minutes to apply and about five minutes to be approved. 

    Once approved, they match you with a direct lender to satisfy your emergency needs. The direct lender will request more details from you.

    If they approve your documents, they’ll give you their terms and conditions for the loan. Your loan amount will be disbursed into your account on the same day of application. 

    Variety Of Uses And Long Repayment Terms

    Viva Loans does not limit its customers on their loan utilisation. They can use it to consolidate other debts, cover medical bills, renovate homes, repair cars, etc.

    However, Viva Loans advise their customers to only take out the loans for the right reasons. It would help if you only borrowed to cover an emergency or supplement a delayed paycheck. 


    • Same day payouts
    • Loans of different amounts, from £200 to £2,000
    • Their loan application and approval process is fast
    • Unemployed people can also apply
    • No credit checks


    • Viva Loans come with high rates
    • There are hidden fees

    How to Apply with Viva Loan

    Use the steps below to apply for a Viva Loans: 

    Step 1: Go to the Viva Loans website

    Step 2: Complete the online application form 

    Step 3: Sign the loan agreement form

    Step 3: Get Your approval 

    Step 4: Receive Your Loan in your bank account 

    You can also reach out to Reform Debt Solutions if you have any questions about Viva Loans. They offer free consultation services to all Britons

    Bottom Line

    Most payday lenders take advantage of desperate clients and may exploit them, leaving them in an endless debt cycle.

    Viva Loans can come in handy during emergencies, especially if your credit score is poor and you cannot secure a loan from other safe alternatives.

    However, we recommend conducting intensive research to determine your best payday loan alternatives before settling on one. 


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