Want to upgrade your small Barbershop business? Here are 6 amazing ways that’ll surely help


    A barbershop business is financially and can be personally rewarding right now, as the men’s grooming market is growing swiftly. Moreover, it is assumed to shoot up exponentially in the coming years.

    It’s one of the best possible careers for intelligent, stylish, and artistic individuals. Most hairstylists agree that they enjoy their work. 

    But as it is with any kind of business, even barbershops need to upgrade and adapt to the times as they’re a-changin’.  

    If you want a facelift of your hair-cutting Hogwarts, here are 6 ways to take the establishment up a notch.

    For any business to be successful, it needs to target a portion of the population that would be interested in its product. 

    It is more so for a business like a barbershop, which primarily deals with a multitude of people day in, day out.

    Identify your clientele, and then you can plan to meet their needs and demands precisely. 

    Every man deserves a good haircut, meaning there are quite a few niches in the entire demographic to select from. These groups range from children, millennials, business professionals, and bikers to even retired people.

    Coordinate every facet of your business around your target market. For example, the location of your shop, the kind of barbers employed, and the services you want to provide should be centered around your audience. 

    For instance, a shop for young customers won’t need beard-dying, and if you want your barbershop to be kid-oriented, you’ll have to employ staff that knows how to gel well with children.

    • Right tools for the right work 

    To win any war, you need the right weapons. 

    In a barbershop, if you have to improve your overall service quality, you’d need to stock up on the best equipment and tools. 

    Your employees will only be as good as their equipment is. So, invest in pragmatic, durable items. A bunch of high-quality clippers, shavers, and air blowers can set you up beautifully.

    High-end products make certain of better customer experience and satisfaction. You’ll need standard shears for any touch-up, so never go for the cheap ones when. 

    • Create a website

    A website gives you an online presence and provides easy access to your customers. It builds relationships with old customers and sends out a welcoming invitation to all and sundry.

    You can build your website using tools like WordPress or Wix. And for more brand recognition, consider designing a picturesque logo with the help of a Barber Logo Maker. It’ll help in any kind of marketing.

    If you don’t have the bandwidth or money to create a website and buy a domain and a hosting platform, the next best option is to create a booking portal account that can work as a website. 

    It’s much more affordable, and if you’re super lucky, you can get it for free.

    • Host public events

    Hosting public events can be great publicity and help spread word of mouth in favor of your business. 

    It can be a simple family gathering, a fun-filled party, or your way to show support for a cause that you really care about.

    Make sure that everybody has a good time, gets to know you and your staff, and finds a reason to visit again. 

    Events or get-togethers can be a great promotion as they go along very well with the entire setting.

    • Discounts matter

    People love discounts. Nay, people get crazy over discounts. And barbershops are no exception to that ecstasy.

    Discounts generally cut down any hesitancy the customers may have about trying anything new. But at a low price, most of them won’t mind experiencing it.  

    Discounts add value to customers’ minds as they think they’re getting an awesome deal. Discounts or coupons with an expiry date create an urgency to make something out of the deal. And finally, they can bring in more sales on those quiet days and help keep the spirit high.

    Just make sure that in order to give discounts, you don’t burn the whole business down to the ground.

    • Get listed online

    If you haven’t done it, don’t waste any more time and JUST DO IT.

    Get your barber shop listed on ‘Google My Business. It can change the whole game.

    To start, you get out-of-this-world visibility. Everybody on Google, basically everybody on this planet, can know about your business in a blink of an eye. 

    And then, any time anybody in your area searches “barber shops near me” on Google, your business will have its place in the search results. 

    There’s more. It will get placed in Google Maps, making it easier for casual or interested customers to reach your shop.

    You’ll receive reviews, and the more 5 stars you get, the more you climb the ladder in search results. It also creates a great reputation, and many will visit seeing those satisfied reviews.

    Google even lets you accept bookings through their ‘Reserve with Google’ feature. Awesome, isn’t it?


    Upgrading your small barbershop business is necessary to transform it into an eminent and money-making venture.

    It may also feel like a natural progression for your business.

    So, think unique, and be yourself. Be attentive to the needs of your staff and your customers. All these 6 tips can help you out on that.


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