What Accessories Are Best For Your New Jeep?


    Jeeps are unlike any other kind of vehicle. They’re aesthetically iconic, and their performance is unparalleled. It’s no wonder why Jeeps are the top choice for off-road enthusiasts and other adventurers. If you’ve joined the Jeep club recently, you probably want to know what kind of upgrades and accessories are essential for your new ride — but the endless array of options can certainly be overwhelming. Improvements such as new Jeep bumpers or new soft tops are affordable, easy to install, and great for beginners. See what other accessories are the best for new Jeep owners.

    Improved Bumpers

    Jeeps typically come standard with a simple aluminum bumper. This bumper offers adequate protection if your Jeep comes into contact with an obstacle, but it may not meet your demands if you plan on going off-roading on a regular basis. Many Jeep owners opt to invest in an upgraded bumper for this reason. There are four different kinds of bumpers that are popular upgrade options, including stubby bumpers, stinger bumpers, tubular bumpers, and bumpers that are specially designed to assist in off-road recovery.

    When you’re looking for the best bumper upgrade, you should consider what you ultimately need it for. If you’re planning on enjoying lots of off-road excursions, a singer bumper may be idea because its boomerang shape prevents your Jeep from rolling or turning over. Its grill also offers more protection than other types of bumpers, so your Jeep’s exterior is shielded from impact.

    Tubular bumpers and stubby bumpers are similarly beneficial. These options are designed to increase coverage for your Jeep’s grill, which is especially important when you’re off-roading. If you anticipate that you may go off-roading in a dangerous area, though, the off road recovery bumper is the best choice. This type of bumper has a built-in shackle mount that allows the Jeep to be towed without damaging its grill.

    New Tops for Your Jeep

    Bumpers aren’t the only upgrade that new Jeep owners can invest in. There are also plenty of Jeep soft tops to consider if you’re craving the feeling of fresh air when you hit the road. Soft tops are a fan favorite among Jeep drivers because they’re fast and easy to install. More importantly, they’re affordable and convenient to store when you need to switch to your Jeep Wrangler hard top. There are many types of tops to choose from, including a bikini style soft top or a safari style hard top.

    A bikini style soft top is defined by the limited coverage that it provides. Rather than enclosing the entirety of your Jeep, a bikini soft top will simply cover the framework of the cockpit. This allows the driver and passenger to be protected while still leaving the Jeep open to airflow. A safari style hard top is similarly shaped, but it is typically made from a hard acrylic material to provide better protection.

    No matter what kind of upgrade you’re looking for, you can find all the best Jeep parts at a trusted online off-road retailer.


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