What are the best Business VPN Services to procure security in a virtual workplace?

    Business VPN

    For the protection of your employees and other crucial staff, have you also moved towards the notion of a virtual workplace? If yes, then you are one step ahead towards the digitalization of the world. However, virtual workplaces often come with nearly impossible challenges to overcome. 

    For example, while your entire company and its employees are working online, you have created a network that can undergo any security glitch without any warning. Don’t want to be under this cyber threat anymore? Well! Today, we present to you a complete guide on the best business VPN Services available. 

    Let’s begin to count down the best security software and VPN service providers that give you 100% encryption while performing online tasks.

    #1: NORDLAYER 

    To begin with, Nordlayer is one of the highly advanced global network security software that offers you the ease of remote access. It is an ISMS-certified software that has helped over 50K businesses in the past and has quite a strong base. The software uses centralized settings in order to protect any lurker from entering your online database. It creates a multi-layer authentication process for each employee. 

    Nordlayer program progresses to assist your staff at each level. For example, it provides an “activity monitoring” feature customized for management-level employees in order to manage all activities virtually. It also delivers a virtual auditable visible for a keen understanding of performance. 

    Last but not least, it delivers the permission to transfer license whenever there is an addition or deduction in the number of employees. Thanks to NordLayer, you get both global and personalized network security via creating a Fixed or random IP Address. It guards all your business activities online and only provides access to certain designated people on the job. 

    For the most part, Nordlayer is the no. 1 best business VPN Services software. Almost all types of businesses, including Startups, medium, multi-national, IT, eCommerce, etc., can get protection from NordLayer at a very reasonable price. For starters, it only costs $7/month for basic protection. You can also create a list of personalized requirements related to VPN service and 360-degree protection. Nordlayer’s team offers a quote to get you started. 

    #2: Perimeter 81

    Perimeter 81 is yet another best business VPN Service software if you are looking forward to increasing traffic on your server without impacting its connection-ability. In the past few years, Perimeter 81 has served upto 2200 businesses all over the world. It consists of an easy-to-comprehend activity monitor or management dashboard that allows you to keep a virtual eye on each employee’s growth rate!

    It has an automatic configuration option to save you precious hours and spend them more effectively. It acts as a virtual workplace backbone for all employees to remain connected and communicate within a secured network.

    Want to know more about Perimeter 81? Sign up for a 15 minutes demo online. With Perimeter 81, learn to save hours and bundles of hard-earned money on unwanted security glitches. 

    #3: ExpressVPN 

    Without a doubt, ExpressVPN is one of the most-rated best Business VPN Services providers in the world. It offers a connection to the server within seconds without any possible error. Features including Kill Switch, Leak Protection, and Split Tunneling offers your company to drop and eliminate itself from the network whenever it has a warning coming. 

    One of the most amazing facts about ExpressVPN is that it is an international best business VPN Service software. Henceforth, presuming that you are running a corporation that has its roots spread to many countries. ExpressVPN is one way to connect all branches together virtually. 

    Whether in the UK, USA, France, Italy, London, China, Turkey, Srilanka, India, Hong Kong, etc., you can trust ExpressVPN to impart 2X performance speed and 10X Safety. 

    More often than not, you will be told that ExpressVPN is only good for gaming. However, that is only partially true. In the past year, Express VPN features have targeted the requirement of security software in the business industry. Its features such as a No-log policy, 3X speed process, recommended servers, and kill switch are solely for business purposes more than gaming. 


    In the event that you desire to prevent your virtual workplace from any potential cyberthreat, our first choice is — NordLayer. It is 100% affordable and offers excellent management and monitoring features. All three ranked best business VPN Services provided in this reading are based on our personal experience. 

    Want to get started with the No.1 VPN Service for cybersecurity? Download NordLayer today and create a network that is 100% safe for you and your valued employees. Drop your queries in the comment section for more information about any of the three VPN software mentioned above. 

    Thank you for joining us today. Good luck.


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