What is Industry 4.0 Training System


    What does Industry 4.0 stand for?

    the fourth industrial revolution

    Industry 4.0, which refers to the fourth industrial revolution, is the cyber-physical transformation of manufacturing. The name is inspired by Germany’s Industrie 4.0, a government initiative to promote connected manufacturing and a digital convergence between industry, businesses, and other processes.

    Training Systems:

     Why the System Determines Your Success!

    In 1775, the Second Continental Congress was convened in Philadelphia with 56 men in attendance. During the next six years, these 56 Founders invented Freedom, and more importantly, they created a System within which Freedom could thrive. We all, therefore, are the beneficiaries of the System put in place by those original 56 Founders.

    The Freedom System invented by the Founders had never before existed anywhere in the history of the world. Yet, this System has allowed Freedom to survive the countless challenges launched against it through the years between then and now. The concept of a System applies to your home-based business like the Founder’s Freedom System applies to our country. Follow these tips when looking for or creating a training system that will allow your business to survive the countless challenges that life brings to your home-based business.

    An essential factor when looking for or creating a training system is ensuring that it is a system of education and relationship building. This is important because it allows regular folks to learn the skills necessary for Success in the network marketing industry. One of these “how to” skills needs to teach your team how to protect themselves from scams and scammers all over the internet dressed up like instant success gurus.

    Another important consideration for a home-based business training system is that it is built on integrity and personal service. You must have integrity and personal service to create a team of competent, successful people. Create or find a training program where a group of volunteer professionals can coach the new or unsuccessful network marketer on the specific skills every network marketer needs for Success.

    The network marketing training system needs to be considered on-the-job training; while you are learning skills, you are also building a business. A duplicability network marketing system has live training calls or meetings several times a week. This training needs to be recorded to allow each individual to grow and learn at their own pace. Most people joining your home-based business will work a full-time job and need to understand the skills in their off time. By having a training system that is recorded, you have a mixed way of reaching every one of your team members.

    Use Training Management Software to Increase Effectiveness of Your Training System

    In today’s fast-changing business environment, developing skilled employees is vital in gaining a competitive edge over your peers. As a result, the multi-billion dollar training industry is growing more significant than ever, with corporate organizations investing substantial capital in adopting the best training management solutions. However, many organizations are still unaware of the enormous benefits of Cloud-based training management software. As a result, they are either going in for incompetent solutions or not opting for a solution for their training management and its related requirements, thereby compromising the quality of the training procedures.

    Before moving on to the detailed benefits of using training management software, it is essential to know how the lack of using such a solution can affect training and management. Organizations availing no comprehensive solution fail to manage training registrations effectively, thereby leaving out deserving employees who should have been taken on board. 

    There is no complete email notification system at their disposal, so effective collaborations with all stakeholders and employees are impossible. Moreover, the organizations cannot maintain training records or record activities and fail to schedule the sessions properly. As a result, they fail to achieve the actual returns from their elaborate training investments.

    Do not take the traditional approach if you are responsible for handling training management in any such organization. Instead, opt for the most intelligent training management software to get the best results and ROI. The power of ‘the software as a service (SaaS) solution lies in its ability to give you the idea of where your company sits regarding training administration effectiveness and provide you with the structure you need to design a roadmap for progress.


    Training management software increases the effectiveness of your training system under the following functionalities:

    • Fast-paced Creation of customizable training registration forms and real-time tracking of registrations using the online training registration solution
    • Managing real-time processing of online payments via PCI-compliant payment management solution
    • Effective communication by sending out email invitations and reminders
    • Wait-list management to maximize attendance at the training programs by ensuring no seat is left empty
    • Training performance analysis based on relevant metrics using custom-built reporting tools
    • Creation of questionnaires and post-session survey reports
    • Widespread digital media marketing by using social media connector
    • Effective promotion by enabling easy viewing of training schedules and session catalogs on the desktop using the online calendaring application
    • Online class management facility without leaving the Salesforce CRM platform
    • Certification and giving out of reward points on successful completion of training programs

    Do not let your training become the outcome of mere knee-jerk reactions. Take your training organization endeavors to the next level by opting for advanced, feature-rich training administration software.



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