Why is engagement on social media important – the answer is here!


    If you have been a fan of KFC, then you must have loved their fries for an eternity. Also, you must have liked their Twitter post and left a comment supporting their Instagram post. Now, do you remember the time when their fries were criticized for being stale? That’s when they launched the ‘’Ain’t No Small Fry” Twitter campaign – an immediate hit! The initial Twitter campaign received more than 3 million impressions; its marketing strategy got a 25% rise in voice-share, and it won the Social Media Awards at the Marketing Week Masters in the UK and Ireland. This partly answers the question: Why is engagement on social media important

    Now, getting back to KFC’s story – this Twitter campaign immediately turned the tide in their favor, at a mere cost of £230,000! Therefore – here’s the story that depicts the influence of social media on the current brand awareness trends. 

    As you proceed, this post will provide you with the reasons why you must engage in social media, the statistics, and the future that awaits. Here’s the digital documentation – 

    The ‘whys’ of engaging in social media – 

    There are many! In fact – multiple data sources have shown that 71-75% of the customers recommend those brands to their family and peers, which have a tremendous online revert system with their clients and otherwise. 

    However – getting to the core of the ‘reasons’ as to why you must engage in social media are – 

    #1 – Wider base to reach out and enhance the brand awareness 

    What the current range of social media influence is in 2022 and further, especially in the post-Covid era, is no more a discussion. Rather – the notable feature is that – via appealing social media content – a brand can not just reach out to the customers (precisely – the target audience) but also, with their marketing strategies, direct a certain amount of online (and in due course offline) traffic towards the brand. 

    Along with that – they can improve the sense of knowledge regarding that brand, change people’s outlook towards that brand and increase the base of their customers – all via virtual engagement. 

    Around 70% of social media marketers believe – engaging with clients is more about sharing with the customers rather than coercing sales. 

    #2 – Customer feedback shows you the ground level 

    Only when you interact with your customers or clients – do they provide feedback – which again shows you the ground level as a brand. The best part of this engagement is that – it almost provides you with a mirror of your brand’s position against the current trends prevalent in the world – a benchmark that you cannot deny.  

    #3 – Pick up from the ground and improve the status 

    As the tangible metric of your performance has been set – the next aspect is improving on that. It is only when you participate in the social set-up in the digital world – you will understand the standard that your brand will have to reach and thereby will be able to improve your status in the market. 

    Customer resonance shows – how much your brand has amassed attention, in what areas, and why it is performing in the way it is – in the current market. Detailed knowledge of the same will provide you with the salient features of moving ahead. Understand the position and work on the same. 

    #4 – The ‘customer’ base of business and loyalty 

    Another primary motivation for participation in social media by your brand is – understanding the ‘customer’ – both his loyalty standards and where your brand has reached with them. How customers respond to your brand, the range of social media activities you undertake, how much time they spend virtually interacting with your online forums, and their ‘get back’ rate are crucial indicators to analyze your social media presence against your competitors. 

    How many times have you been part of any celebs – ‘Ask Me Anything’ segment? That is also a mode of connecting with the loyalists (fans and admirers) at this level. 

    #5 – The triad – budget/ lead generation/ strategising the content 

    Last but not least – advertising the brand and strategizing the content accordingly, along with generating leads, are part of any brand strategy. With social media – the costs are reduced drastically (companies merely spent 15% of their budget on social media engagements – though it is touted to improve to a massive 22% as per the latest financial reports from independent surveys), and brands are directed in the correct path to improve their social presence. 

    Thus, reducing the effort but maximizing the input is the essence of social media engagements. 

    What statistics state? 

    As you have understood, the rationale behind appealing to social media – it is time to garner some shreds of evidence now. 

    • Companies consider – a 60% interaction level with consumers could result in a massive 30-32% rise in revenue attribution
    • When it comes to company metrics – the most important are – engagement (a 36% rate) and conversion (a 35% standard) 
    • In terms of B2C format – the importance of social media engagement is massive (58%), according to sources from DataPortal. 
    • Most importantly – the latest 2021 report on data statistics – 67% of shoppers categorically buy products online only after engaging with their online range for over 40-minutes time frame 

    Thus, it can be stated – that social media engagement is no longer an option – rather a necessity when it comes to the current B2B or B2C environment. 

    So, how would you engage? 

    Well – there are multiple ways, given the multifarious features available on the platforms themselves – 

    • Choosing the right platform for engagement is the key to success. No doubt – it is Facebook that leads the ‘influence’ format, but Instagram and TikTok come a close second. What suits your brand? 
    • Figuring out the precise method of engagement is also another feature. Infographics, content, video content, or AI-optimized content – which is your key to success? Understand and work accordingly.
    • Understand the algorithms and work on your optimization to enhance your reach. 

    What’s your next move? 

    Turning your query why is engagement on social media important to acting responsibly – on ways to better the engaging process! With the current set of algorithms that most social media platforms follow, you need 10 minutes per day, fertile content, and the correct audiences to ensure that your brand reaches the top searches of any browser. The world is standing truly at the threshold of Rostow’s version of digital economic take-off! Seek the benefits well. 


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