Why Should You Think of Having a Peperomia Plant?

    Why Should You Think of Having a Peperomia Plant?

    You must have observed how relaxed and soothed you feel when under the embrace of nature. It is deeply satisfying to experience the misty breeze and overwhelming fragrance while being under the influence of greenery. But, with the transcendental change that we have seen in a couple of years towards the growth of concrete jungles at the expense of green spaces, it has become extremely difficult to spot such environments. There are various kinds of Peperomia Plants available in certain places to give your home or balcony just the light amount of pop of color you desire. 

    Psychologists claim that if this goes on for a long run, we will not only run out of good air quality but also fall prey to various physical and psychological distress situations. But, since there is nowhere to go now on account of the rising capitalistic trends of human society, all we can do is make maximum use of whatever is left in our hands. And, that is why we are witnessing this trend of creating green spaces right within the range of our very own homes. You might spot nowadays balconies, patios, bookshelves, mantelpieces, etc. decorated with potted plants of various shapes, colors, and sizes according to the personal tastes and themes. 

    Why choose Bloom Box Club? 

    Bloom Box Club is passionate about this plant trend to make the spaces more organic and greener. They have a variety of plants available with them which are of the rarest and quirkiest quality and certainly are of the prettiest kind you will ever find anywhere else in the USA. With a detailed guide provided to you on the website, you do not need to have a degree to look after your plants. Also, the plants are available at the most affordable rates and come with a price match guarantee. 

    Peperomia Plants: An Overview

    These plants come in a variety of patterns. They are perfect to be planted for small spaces, shelves, and even terrariums. Marbled with beautiful and intricate patterns, their sight is pleasing to the eyes of the beholder. They usually require a pot size somewhere between the range of 4″ to 6″ and usually grow up to the height of 8-12″ including the pot size. But if you have a wider pot then their height may vary a little beyond the upper limit of 12″. 

    They are very easy to manage. And, the air-purifying qualities of these plants can remove various amounts of toxins from the environment along with Carbon Dioxide of course. They are largely beneficial for the removal of Formaldehyde. Considered a good luck symbol in Brazil, these succulent plants would amaze you with their blushy texture and bunny ear-shaped leaves. 

    Instructions for maintenance 

    They generally do not grow taller but are rather thicker in shape. You can leave them on their own and they will be happy to grow on themselves with minimum upkeep required from your side. This quality makes them well-suited to busy student lives and helps them reduce various kinds of anxiety and stress situations. 

    They thrive best under bright to medium sunlight conditions. They require water mostly when the top 2 inches of the soil layer is dry. That means you do not have to worry a lot about them. Though they are pet-friendly and non-toxic, it is advised that they should be kept out of reach from the ones who are extraordinarily curious. 

    Just make sure that the soil is rich in organic matter and well-drained and you are good to go. For this, you can go for monthly fertilizer schedules for Peperomia plants with NPK nutrient ratios in the same proportions. They actively grow in the spring and summer seasons but would look pretty all year round. 



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