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    Verify Your Email Data

    The success of a marketing campaign is in the details. And the right content is just the tip of an iceberg. The correct operation of email templates for both the desktop and mobile versions, the functioning of all the built-in links, the segmentation of lists, the definition and setting of A / B testing time are far from the entire list of tasks for a full-time marketer. Due to this multitasking there is a risk to miss the key aspect – email data verification. In this article, we will explain what it means to verify your email data or address  and will name the reasons for analysis using the Proofy service.

    1. Improve Inbox Deliverability

    The campaign is doomed to failure if your emails do not reach the mailboxes. Improvement of the incoming message delivery performance is directly related to the system which gives a reliable assessment of the sender. First of all, it determines who you are: a trusted sender or a spammer. It’s quite simple: the better the quality of the data, the higher the performance. Would you like to learn how to verify that an email address is valid quickly and easily? Sign up for Proofy and get an amazing and effective way to verify emails with a starting price of $0,006 / 1 check. The service gives 500 free credits for new users. And thanks to the loyalty program, every customer can earn up to 50,000 checks for free. 

    1. Boost Engagement Rates

    While checking your email data, you can delete accounts of no importance. Yes, the list of customers will decrease significantly, but the level of involvement will increase respectively. Only those customers who actively use their email address will remain on the list. This way, your opening rate, as well as your click-through rate, will improve. How to validate a list of email addresses quickly and easily using Proofy? You need to drag the file with the email messages to the admin panel and the email addresses will be checked and sorted. A report with the results will be ready within the shortest time period. 

    1. Eliminate Hard Bounces

    The nightmare of email marketing is hard bounces that not only degrade your status as a trusted sender, but can easily send you to the ban list. An alternative version of the stamp on the letter ‘return to sender’ is a refusal that can put an end to a successful campaign. The Proofy service will tell you how to verify if an email is valid by checking accounts. There is a live search in the database. This way you can verify that the username is the registered and active mailbox on the host server. This kind of verification is the assurance that the mailing list is absolutely safe

    1. Reduce Spam Complaints

    Spam complaints are a clear threat to high deliverability rates. Usually the claims appear as a result of too many emails from you. Also, the reason for the complaint may be a lack of user’s understanding how to unsubscribe from your newsletter. Acceptable level of spam complaints should be less than 0,1%. We will be happy to explain how to check if an email address is working so that you never receive spam complaints again. Run the email verification process right in your web application or mobile device. Say goodbye to spam using advanced Proofy tools.

    1. Avoid High-Risk Email Accounts

    Hazardous accounts that are related to fraud or other criminal activity are also a big threat. Sending emails to such mailing addresses for you is fraught with getting into a ban list. To remove these ‘rotten apples’ from the list will help the bulk email validation service that knows how to validate a list of email addresses

    1. Defining catch-all email accounts

    Those who are involved in the B2B segment are familiar with universal mail servers. Their main function is to redirect emails that are addressed to non-existent users to a specific email address. The problem for marketers is that such a mailer looks real, but later it gets discarded. Using Proofy you will learn how to check if an email address is working and whether catch-all is enabled. Later on, this additional information will significantly improve your email campaign.

    1. Establishing Of Temporary Accounts

    Randomly generated temporary email accounts are usually used by scammers. These accounts have a short life, only 48 hours. However, at this moment they are real and therefore they can easily slip into your list lowering the level of involvement. Modern Proofy tools can help you identify these email addresses so you can get the most out of your campaign. 

    1. Spam bots

    Spam bots have become famous for their ability to fill out contact forms with dummy data. Many companies began to use CAPTCHA to solve this problem, but it annoys many users. Knowing the difference between a real account and fake data, you can defeat spam bots quickly and easily. To find out how to verify that an email address is valid use the special service. 

    1. Notification and correction of typos 

    The email address may look real to the human eye, and still have a number of errors. Invalid data is a non-existent address. However, the verification will help you answer the question: what does it mean to verify email addresses for specific accounts. The verification service will show what is real and what is not and will send an error message. Thus, you can timely define invalid data, and also convert it into high-quality contacts. 

    We hope that the reasons for email data verification described above convinced you to use the verification service. Proofy allows you to check your address list, and it knows how to verify if an email is valid by real-time data analysis. 

    Using modern Proofy verification tools, you can:

    • improve email delivery rates up to 98.5%;
    • increase conversion rate by working only with real customers;
    • protect the reputation of servers, avoid junk emails;
    • get unlimited access to verification functions and unique software at the best price.

    And the service can offer you even more to verify your email data. So do not waste your time, verify email online with Proofy! Go to the site, register, and take your email campaigns to a completely different level!


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