Zachary Levi Will Be Back On Large Screen With Shazam 2

    Zachary Levi Will Be Back On Large Screen With Shazam 2

    Although Shazam was not so successful in the box office as Aquaman, it became the best-reviewed entry film in the DC Universe. It has managed to raise more than $350 million globally with a budget of $100 million. The figure is quite nice to take a new Shazam film into theatres. And things are moving for good, according to Zachary Levi.

    Zachary Levi is busy, as he has just published on home video, and is providing various interviews for film promotion. He also gives numerous clues to the destiny of the sequel during these interviews.

    All appears to be in a favorable direction, according to him. He said his bosses are pleased with the film at Warner Brothers, DC, and New Line. The second time these individuals want to do better.

    In addition, Zachary Levi indicated that the sequel tale is underway now. So it is now secure to say with this data that this sequence is in growth and that we can see for years to come.

    Shazam explores the DC universe in the upcoming film. We can also hope for some cameo or other prominent characters in the film globe. This could be performed to promote it well and to do much better in the box office.


    Dwayne Johnson was previously announced to be cast in the upcoming film as Black Adam. But according to Zachary, supporters may not be able to experience better than he thinks if they take him quickly.

    There is no fixed release date of the next sequence, so it is not clear who is the real enemy.


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