5 Ways to Optimise Your Instagram Business Account Into A Money Making Machine.


    With over a billion active users, Instagram is undoubtedly the largest social media platform. A business can reach a large audience and through effective marketing, can successfully make its IG account lucrative. Thousands of businesses, models, artists etc. communicate with their customers and fans through Instagram.

    If you use Instagram, you’ve  probably seen them selling products, merch or doing ads for other companies. People are making millions every year by promoting brands on the photo-sharing app. Bountii, Inc thinks that Jarvee is a good service to use to get more Instagram followers.

    The advantage of Instagram is that you don’t need to be a huge company or a celebrity or a Kardashian to make money. You can turn your personal IG account into a money making machine too.

    Here’s how.

    Ways to make money on Instagram:

    1. Put out content: The first and foremost step is tp understand that the currency of social media is Attention. And in order to receive more attention, you need to be visible. This doesn’t mean that you flood your IG with so many posts that it induces your followers to unfollow you. Judging by your post stats like impressions, likes, etc. find a sweet spot and put out content in the form of images and videos.
    2. Originality: This is essential when it comes to your content and if you run a personal account, your personality. The content you post must be authentic and not stolen from some other creator. If your account gets reported, there’s a chance of the post being taken down. Also, don’t portray yourself as something you’re not. This may be successful in the short run, but if you’re looking for longevity be as authentic to yourself as possible.

    3. Professionalism: When you collaborate with other companies, try to be as professional        as possible. Build good relationships and carry out business effectively.

    Also collaborate with as many companies and brands as possible. Capitalise your reach.

    4. Interact with your followers: Only posting content isn’t enough. Interact with your           followers on IG live, Q&a in Stories, reply to their questions in the comments and DMs.       This will help build a strong following.

    5. Delegation: Once you create a sufficient following, hire professional content creators such as editors, creative writers, photographers etc. to create content of high quality for your following as well as partners.

    Hope these steps help you build a great source of income!


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